What is Rahu Mahadasha

Dasha forecasting technique in Vedic astrology

Vimshottari: 120 year cycle of certain planetary periods, “Dashas” also “Dasa”. It is the important planetary periods or planetary cycles (9 in total) that are considered in a person's life when it comes to assessing prognoses in certain phases of life. A technique that has a high priority in Jyotish and is not known in this form in any other system.

The personal Dasha cycle gives us essential indications of important changes in our life and in our personal development. Sometimes the changes in life or our character during a Dasha shift are even drastic, depending on the planet involved and its significance in the horoscope.

The year and the whole of life is divided into certain periods such as Dashas and Transits, their reign and the associated influences in individual life, which are assigned to a certain planet.

In Vedic astrology, the Vimshottari Dashas are included for the individual stages of life and interpretations. These are time phases, which are also known as Dashas. During the span of such a period, a particular planet takes precedence. This then influences our existence and the relevant areas of life. According to the natal chart, they are connected to the houses and signs through the positioning and assignment of the Dasha planet.

Each of the 9 planets is thus assigned a mathematically determined period of time in life, in which it is fully activated and determines what happens. Everything this planet shows in the natal chart will unfold in its phase and bring central trends to light.

A period of 120 years is assigned to a person's entire life. This system is therefore called the “Vimshottari Dasha System”, i.e. “120 Years Dasha System”. In this system, phases of the planets of different lengths within the 120 years follow one another in a fixed order, starting from the day of birth.

Dashas are also divided into smaller periods of time. The main period is called “Maha-Dahsa”, the other “Antar-Dashas” or Antharadahsa, tertiary periods. The Maha-Dasha is followed by a total of 9 finer subdivisions, which are called Bhuktis. Each of these Bhuktis is ruled by one of the nine Grahas (planets).

The start of the individual Dasha cycle is determined by the position of the moon. To do this, look in the natal chart (Janma Kundali) for the sign (Rashi) in which the moon is at the hour of birth, look in which Nakshatra (lunar house) the moon is located there and in which quadrant (Pada) of this Nakshatra. The planet that rules over this area is the planet that determines the first Dasha, from which one then calculates the individual sequences of the Maha-Dashas and Antar-Dashas of the Vimshottari calendar.

The order of the Dashas are fixed and are as follows:

Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury.

This order corresponds to the moon houses, which begins with the 1st Nakshatra “Ashwini” in Aries and the assigned ruler “Ketu” and ends with the 27th Nakshatra “Revati” and his ruler Mercury (Buddha). Again and again we find references to how important it is to deal with the moon houses, the Nakshatras in Vedic astrology.

The Dashas give us an overview of the influences of the planets throughout our lives. The personal Dasha section gives us essential information about important transitions in our life and in our personal development. This period affects the inclinations and talents that lie dormant within us. Sometimes these changes in life during a Dasha shift are even massive and serious, depending on the planet involved and its significance in the horoscope. The dasha shifts inevitably, effectively, and clearly reveal changes.

The duration of the individual years assigned to the individual Dahsas are:

* Ketu (southern lunar node): 7 years

* Venus (Shukra): 20 years

* Sun (Surya): 6 years

* Moon (Chandra): 10 years

* Mars (Mangala): 7 years

* Rahu (northern lunar node): 18 years

* Jupiter (Guru): 16 years

* Saturn (Shani): 19 years

* Mercury (Buddha): 17 years

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