Does a bathroom really improve singing

Voice perception in different situations (bathroom!)


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Hi Guys!

Even if I'm not sure whether that shouldn't even belong in the chat corner (if so, please move there), I wanted to ask some questions today, not about the voice itself, but about the respective environment.

I have often noticed that the perception of my voice clearly depends on the spatial conditions.

It works best for me in the bathroom. Nice, tiled walls. I don't know why, but that's where the tones sound the cleanest and fullest in my opinion. That's where I get even higher and deeper than anywhere else.
That ... ultimately creates a slight frustration when you go out of the "beautiful" bathroom into the study and try to record the voice, which sounds particularly good at the moment, with a microphone. The disappointment is then great: "That sounded different just now?"

Therefore a few smaller questions on the subject:
Why is it that the voice sounds so "good", especially in tiled rooms?
Is it a kind of echo that arises and complements with the voice?
Can you simply get faster and clearer feedback while singing and can you then subconsciously adjust your voice so that it just sounds?
Would this "echo" trick be exactly the same that is sometimes used in some (I'll say YouTube cover recordings) to make the voice sound fuller and straighter?

In what kind of room are professional recordings made, are there similar acoustics as in my bathroom?
Or is that really purely subjective and my bathroom is playing tricks on me?

It would be great if someone could give me a glimpse into the world of spatial acoustics (?).

Best wishes,