I can publish it myself on iBooks

Publish and sell books with iBooks Author

Use iBooks Author to create books and submit them to Apple Books or distribute them anywhere on the Internet.

Book creation will be moved to Pages and iBooks Author will no longer be available to new users. iBooks Author can still be used on macOS 10.15 and older, but there are no new updates.

iBooks Author is a free app that you can download and use from the App Store on your Mac to create and publish eBooks. You can use the tools in the app to create the layout and design, as well as add metadata to the book. You can also export EPUB files created in another program to iBooks Author. You can then sell these on Apple Books or distribute them for free.

To publish your book through iBooks Author, you must first export it as a PDF, Text, EPUB, or .ibooks file. Before deciding which file format is best for your book, you need to determine how you will distribute it.

Distribute books on the Internet

You can sell your works created with iBooks Author on the Internet as a one-time purchase or as a product as part of a subscription or service. If you sell your book on the internet, you are not allowed to use the .ibooks format. Instead, use PDF or EPUB, for example. If you want to sell your book in .ibooks format, you can only do so through the Book Store in Apple Books. If you make your work available for free, you can distribute it in any format (including .ibooks), either through the Book Store or otherwise.

Copyright notice

You retain the rights to the content of your work written in iBooks Author. If you distribute your work in .ibooks format, it is subject to the distribution restrictions mentioned above.

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