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About the product

Italian lasagne, Greek moussaka, German roulades, fine fish - and then fruity tiramisu or a juicy lemon cake - mmmh. Everything very simply in the light and convenient UltraPro casserole dish. In the corresponding recipe booklet (as a download on this page) you will find great suggestions for trying out. Including cooking lid.

A recipe booklet to download can be found further down on the page.


  • The UltraPro containers are lighter than containers made of ceramic, clay, glass or cast iron.
  • The products are designed for a combination of microwave and oven. That saves time and energy.
  • They can be used in a temperature range from -25 ° C to +250 ° C. This allows you to cook, bake, fry, freeze, thaw and warm up with them.
  • The products are easy to clean. The “FiberPro UltraStark” (T 24) cleaning cloth is specially designed for the UltraPro series.
  • There is a matching recipe booklet / cookbook with a diverse selection of dishes for every UltraPro size.
  • When cooking with the lid on, steam and moisture escape in a controlled manner. This ensures even cooking and the dishes are particularly aromatic and remain juicy at the same time.
  • Cooking on two levels is possible with the saucepans and the casserole dish. Simply turn the lid over and place it on the container and you get a second, flat saucepan.
Casserole roll: L 36.3 × W 26.6 × H 7.4 cm
Cooking lid: L 36.3 × W 26.6 × H 3.9 cm
Casserole roll: LCP
Gardeckel: LCP
  • Dishes can be prepared in UltraPro products and kept fresh in the refrigerator or freezer until preparation.
  • Pre-cooking the food in the microwave and then cooking it in the oven is particularly time-saving. E.g.
    - Quick, hearty oven soup: sauté the vegetables or meat or the entire dish in the microwave and finish cooking in the oven,
    - 30 minute chicken: pre-cook in the microwave and finish cooking in the oven for crispy skin.
  • If the container is diverse, e.g. B. for cooking / baking, keeping fresh / freezing, defrosting / warming up and serving, it saves time, energy and washing up.
  • During preparation, it is advisable to close the UltraPros with the lid, this ensures even cooking and the food becomes particularly aromatic and juicy.
  • UltraPro can also be used in the steamer.

safety instructions

  • Before using the product for the first time, please read the instructions in the product insert, e.g. B. about optimal application, safety and guarantee.
  • Make sure that the automatic cooking programs in your oven, microwave or microwave combination oven do not use a grill. Also make sure that the grill is not switched on at any time.
  • Always place the saucepans in the preheated oven. There must be a distance of at least 5 cm between the saucepan and the oven walls, ceiling and floor.
  • Make sure that the UltraPro products always rotate in a microwave with a turntable.
  • After cooking, let stand for about 5 minutes so that the heat can be distributed evenly.
  • Always take the UltraPros out of the oven with both hands and use oven gloves.
  • Always lift the lid so that the hot steam is directed away from you.
  • Please never use coarse abrasives or steel sponges.
  • Do not work with sharp-edged objects in the UltraPro products.
  • The use of UltraPro in the halogen oven is not recommended.
30 year Tupperware guarantee