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Writing I know A monologue is a text in which someone writes down his and her personal feelings and perceptions. It sounds like a. You can do without. Really! `` AH 20 50. Put the note names in the order in which they are given. Which word is the result? g t 51. In pairs, answer the following questions about the text of exercise 49. How does the text differ from other texts that you have read so far? Are there elements in the text that seem unusual to you? Do you find it easy to follow the content? Why? Why not? Give four examples the main character thinks about as they sit over dinner. 52. Continue the text from exercise 49. 53. Write down some thoughts that have occupied you all day. 54. Imagine that you are in a shop and have decided on a t-shirt. All of a sudden you see someone you don't particularly like. The person wants to buy exactly the same t-shirt as you and is already on the way to the checkout. What are you thinking now Write down your thoughts. 55. Imagine that you are in the cinema watching a movie that you don't like. You are bored and you are wondering whether you should go or finish watching the film after all. In between your thoughts wander. Write down your thoughts. Worksheet u5ei8c Tip: In an inner monologue you can look into the head of the main character and see what he thinks and feels. So you can put yourself in the shoes of the figure. How to find the behavior and thoughts of the character is up to you. 43 For testing purposes only - property of the publisher öbv

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