Where can I learn mridangam in Bangalore

Rhythm is language: Konnakol - the door opener to the world of rhythm

Konnakol - the rhythm language of South India - is the most natural, effective and fascinating way to understand, practice and hear rhythm!

In India learning rhythm - regardless of the instrument - is based on a structured system and a syllable language called "Konnakol".

This course opens the door to this rhythmic world for you and, in addition to the traditional basic rules, also teaches approaches to develop ideas for creative practice and teaching.


With Konnakol ...

... the melody discover in rhythm.

... Rhythm re-grasp and the pulse feel.

... can I without grades Make music.

... the Learn to practice.

                        ... Polyrhythmics and Polymetric understand


Discover the melody in rhythm

Due to the different sounding syllables, melodic information is communicated in addition to the rhythmic information. So even the simplest exercises have a complete musical message.


Understand rhythm anew and feel the pulse

The Indian system helps us to understand the rhythmic pulse as a cycle and to rediscover rhythmic connections and structures.


Make music without notes

You don't need notes for music. By using language we take a kind of “shortcut” to music and can thus make music with others without notes or previous knowledge of music theory!


learn to practice

The individual exercises and learning steps are designed according to a precise system and give us a precise classification of our own abilities. In addition, they are designed in such a way that they can be adapted to the personal abilities of each individual.


Understand polyrhythmics and polymetrics

With the system of Indian rhythms, polymetrics and polyrhythmics can be understood and practiced with the simplest of means and thus train your own sense of rhythm.