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If your eyes are small and narrow, don't really stand out, and have sparsely populated eyelashes that may almost not be visible yet, it's time for one Eyelash extensions. It is up to you whether you use real hair or fake lashes. The only important thing is to find the right eyelash adhesive. A high-quality eyelash adhesive is essential when it comes to attaching artificial eyelashes. The eyelash glue has a direct effect on the durability of the eyelashes. If it is not of high quality, the artificial eyelashes may fall off at an inopportune moment. It also plays a major role in being able to use the fake lashes again. The right eyelash adhesive is of great importance in order to achieve the best possible result with eyelash extensions. We'll tell you what to look out for when buying.

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What is eyelash glue?

An eyelash glue is a kind of superglue that brings the artificial eyelashes to the eye. The active ingredient cyanoacrylate is often used, but there are also high-quality ones Eyelash glue without cyanoacrylate.

How quickly the eyelash glue dries on the eyelid mainly depends on the humidity. If it is higher, the glue doesn't take that long to dry. The lower the humidity the longer it takes for the glue to dry. This is also the reason why in professional make-up studios, which also work with eyelash glue, the humidity is sometimes high.

The faster an eyelash adhesive dries, the faster the application will be finished. So drying is for that Result crucial. Otherwise, it can take a long time to attach the eyelashes, especially with individually glued-on eyelashes and not on the lash line.

What do you have to look out for with an eyelash glue?

As with all beauty products, the price range in which the eyelash adhesives move is very pronounced. There are already cheap eyelash glue for two Euro, but also those that cost up to 50 euros. It doesn't mean that an expensive eyelash glue is also a good eyelash glue.

Rather, it is about objectively assessing whether the eyelash glue high-quality and is suitable for your application. If you have allergies, you need to find a product that is suitable for allergy sufferers. Otherwise, you can use the usual standards for eyelash glue as a guide.

The usual standards for eyelash glue are shown in the following criteria: They are formaldehyde-free, should not irritate the mucous membranes and are waterproof. The eyelash glue should also be black, white or transparent.

The eyelash glue is applied with an applicator or brush. Applying the eyelash glue with a brush is not ideal for beginners, as it is more difficult to keep a steady hand. After applying and drying, the eyelash glue should be transparent so that it can no longer be seen between the artificial eyelashes.

There are also eyelash adhesives that visually thicken the eyelashes. These are common with stylists. However, the Color pigments settle in the bottle if the glue is not used regularly.

Which is better: let the eyelash glue dry slowly or quickly?

There are different types of drying for eyelash adhesives. Some adhesives dry so quickly that you can't even use them correct can if a small mistake has occurred. With other eyelash adhesives you have the feeling of holding the artificial eyelashes for a little eternity before the glue even works. But which eyelash glue is better?

To find out which eyelash adhesive is the best for you, we have listed the two types of drying in the table below. You can choose from slow drying and fast drying. Both applications have their advantages and disadvantages and we will show you these now.

Slow dryingFast drying
Suitable for beginnersSuitable for professionals
Dries slowly so that improvements can be madeDries quickly, so eyelash sticking can be done quickly
Can also be applied with a brushIs applied directly from the bottle with an applicator
The individual eyelashes can stick togetherNo eyelashes sticking together
Sometimes it takes up to 10 seconds for the glue to dryTakes four to six seconds for the glue to dry
Suitable for all types of eyelashesThere is also super glue that dries in a second or two, but this is only intended for stylists
Not for the impatientVery suitable for an extension with volume eyelashes

Tip: Regardless of which eyelash glue you choose, it is crucial that you are not allergic to it. As with other beauty products, eyelash glue can cause allergies. It is best to try out the eyelash glue beforehand with a small blob on the skin.

If there is no reaction, you can use it without any problems. If you discover redness or other skin irritation, look out for a different eyelash glue that you can tolerate better. But also do one with this eyelash glue Allergy test by.

What are the pros and cons of eyelash glue?

The advantages of eyelash glue:

  • is also available without animal testing
  • can partially be used to stick up lips
  • Eyelash glue available for eyelash lifting
  • also available with glitter
  • Eyelash glue for allergy sufferers also available
  • Eyelash glue with brush for optimal application
  • Black, white or transparent eyelash glue

The disadvantages of eyelash glue:

  • incorrect use can be harmful to the eyes
  • excessive amounts of eyelash glue are visible
  • can stick your own eyelashes together

Eyelash glue test - Find out which eyelash glue are the best eyelash glue

To discover the best eyelash glue, you should look at an eyelash glue comparison and an eyelash glue test. This is the only way you can discover the eyelash adhesive test winner for yourself. The eyelash glue professional is most in demand. It sticks the eyelashes evenly and lastingly. Eyelash glue for permanent eyelashes is also available.

If you want to buy cheap eyelash glue for beginners or eyelash glue for professionals, take a look at the following manufacturers, brands and suppliers in Online shop past:

  • Ardell eyelash glue
  • Catrice
  • Eyelash glue duo
  • DM
  • Rossmann
  • Müller
  • Douglas

At these shops you will also find the means to remove eyelash glue. There are also eyelash glue without cyanoacrylate, waterproof eyelash glue and strong eyelash glue. If you go to the store to buy, you can get the eyelash glue there compatibility testing.

In general, you should find out whether you have an allergy to eyelash glue. If not, you can use any artificial eyelashes. If you have an allergy, there is also eyelash glue for allergy sufferers. Pay attention when buying if you should be concerned.

Before buying, it is worth listening to your friends' experience and recommendation. Read reviews from Stiftung Warentest and Ökotest for the Eyelash adhesive test winner to discover. Also take a look at an eyelash glue comparison to compare several eyelash glue with each other.

Also, pay attention to the ingredients and put on Natural cosmetics. You can make a price comparison on the Internet in order to find the best price for you. Order conveniently online, because shipping is often free. You will soon be able to glue your new eyelashes.

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  • 3. in the test or comparison: Tuknon eyelash glue, very good
  • 4. in the test or comparison: MilleniumHair sensitive eyelash glue for allergy sufferers, very good
  • 5. in the test or comparison: Ealicere 5ml eyelash glue, very good
  • 6. in the test or comparison: Aura Monaco eyelash lifting glue, very good
  • 7. in the test or comparison: Nuonove eyelash glue, good
  • 8. in the test or comparison: B & Qaugen eyelash glue, very good
  • 9. in the test or comparison: Beauty Sense eyelash glue, very good
  • 10. in the test or comparison: B & Qaugen eyelash glue, good

What other sources are there on the subject of "eyelash glue"?

Our experts recommend the following brands:.

Top 15 eyelash adhesives in the test or comparison in 2021

The table shows you the best 15 products from the eyelash glue test from 2021 at Kosmetik.org.

Last update on May 22nd, 2021

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