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Siren (German)

Part of speech: noun, (Female)

Si | re | ne Plural: Si | re | nen
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ˌZiˈʁeːnə]
Word meaning / definition:
1) Greek mythology: a female mythical creature who lures sailors with its song to kill them
2) a device that can emit a tone to alert you
Origin of the term:
Middle High German "sirēn (e), syrēn (e)" for the female mythical creatures, borrowed from LatinSīrēnthat in GreekΣειρήν (Seirēn) going back. As a name for acoustic devices under French influence since the beginning of the 19th century.
General terms:
1) Mythical creatures
Subordinate terms:
2) sirloin
2) Alarm siren, ambulance siren, fire brigade siren, police siren
Application examples:
1) Odysseus could Sirens escape.
1) “At the same time there were still those Sirens"Mermaids who lived in the water, sang in a sweet voice and made sailors jump overboard without undressing."
1) “The Sirens Morgner appeared more daring than Odysseus, a female trobadora more sensual than her male colleagues and Pandora more humane than the Prometheus she adores. "
2) The Sirens the fire brigade howled very often yesterday.
2) “As soon as the Sirens howled, we jumped out of bed. "
2) “During the lunch break there was the freshly installed siren Test alarm. "
2) “To this day, my stomach feels queasy when I have one siren listen. "
2) “On this day, the Sirens tested simultaneously across the country. "
Nominative: singular siren; Plural Sirens
Genitive: singular siren; Plural Sirens
Dative: singular siren; Plural Sirens
Accusative: singular siren; Plural Sirens


  • Arabic (DMG):
    • modern standard Arabic: 1) عَرُوسَة جِنِّيَّة (ʿarūsa ǧinniyya) (Female), Acronym: عَرُوسَة (ʿarūsa) (Female), 2) صُفّارَة ألإِنْذار (ṣuffāra 'l-inḏār) (Female), Acronym: صُفّارَة (ṣuffāra) (Female)
    • Moroccan Arabic: 2) صارُوخ (ṣārūḫ) (male)
    • Algerian-Arabic: 2) صارُوخ (ṣārūḫ) (male)
    • Tunisian Arabic: 2) صارُوخ (ṣārūḫ) (male)
    • Libyan Arabic: 2) صارُوخ (ṣārūḫ) (male)
    • Egyptian Arabic: 2) زَمَّارَة (zammāra) (Female), زُمَّارَة (zummāra) (Female)
  • English: siren
  • French: sirène (Female)
  • Greek (new): 1) Σειρήνα (Sirína) (Female); 2) σειρήνα (sirína) (Female)
  • Hebrew: 1) סִירוֹנִית (sirōnī́ṯ) (Female); 2) סִירֶנָה (sirænā) (Female), צוֹפָר (ṣōfā́r) (male)
  • Italian: sirena (Female)
  • Yiddish (Eastern): סירענע (siren) (Female)
  • Catalan: 1) sirena (Female)
  • Maltese: sirena
  • Dutch: siren (Female)
  • Polish: syrena (Female)
  • Portuguese: 1) Brazil, Portugal: sereia (Female); Portugal also:sirena (Female), siren (Female); 2) Brazil, Portugal: sereia (Female), sirena (Female), Brazil, Portugal, regional, southern Brazil:siren (Female)
  • Swedish: siren (Utrum)
    • Sorbian (Lower): sirena (Female)
    • Sorbian (upper): sirena (Female)
  • Spanish: sirena (Female)
  • Turkish: 2) siren

Similar words (German):Irene

Anagrams:One, one, iron, sneeze, pure, travel, travel, giant, his, his, series

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

On the trip with flashing lights and siren In a hospital in Esslingen, an ambulance collides with the car of a 33-year-old.
Stuttgarter Zeitung online, September 20, 2018

The vehicle was with flashing lights and siren on the way, but was stopped abruptly on Währinger Strasse.
Today.at, November 14, 2018

The cops were with flashing lights and siren on the way when they hit the left side of the small car head-on.
Berliner Morgenpost, November 5th, 2018

On Monday morning the police car crashed with flashing lights and siren across Lahnstrasse in Berlin-Neukölln when it banged.
BILD.de, November 05, 2018

In Neukölln there was a collision between a small car and a police car with flashing lights and siren was on the way.
tagesspiegel.de, November 05, 2018

A siren with 120 decibels that howls.
TrendingTopics.at, May 12, 2020

Who can still stop crying Sirens recall? At most, in school, one or the other should take part in an exercise siren have experienced. That should change - the warning day is imminent.
NOZ.de, September 07, 2020

The policemen went with them siren and flashing lights to a rioter when they crashed at an intersection with another car.
Day 24, January 23, 2020

A smoke development in Badstrasse triggered an alarm by on Thursday afternoon siren in Miesbach.
Mercury, September 24, 2020

Velbert - Due to a technical malfunction, there were multiple false triggers yesterday and this morning siren in the center of Velbert-Mitte. The cause of the sporadic disturbance is still unclear.
Police press release, November 28, 2019

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Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • horn: Music composed of one or two circularly wound tubes; Anatomy of a pointed outgrowth on the head of some animals, for example cattle or rhinoceros; out ; manufactured drinking vessel; Geography elongated and quite pointed land formations, protruding horn-shaped into the sea or also a term for mountains; Material name for; ; an acoustic signal device
  • horn: Object to generate a warning or signal tone
  • Hoot (coll.): landsch. smaller wind instrument resembling a trumpet, especially for children; funnel-shaped device that amplifies acoustic signals by bundling sound waves or electrically

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pipe: ... to Latin pipare synonyms: 2) steam whistle, siren, fog horn, signal horn, siren 4) tobacco pipe 6) bottle, gag killer, lusche, useless, rivet, zero, nulpe ...

Mermaid: ... Virgo synonyms: 1) Mermaid, mermaid, fish woman, water woman, mermaid, nymph, siren Superordinate terms: 1) Fabelgestalt, fabulous figure, fairytale figure ...

Fire truck:… 1) Fire engine application examples: 1) A fire engine usually has a siren. 1) "A fire truck comes to the scene quickly because there is all the space ...

Ambulance: ... Ambulance Examples of use: 1) The ambulance drives over the traffic light with a blue light and a siren when it is red. 1) "Finally the ambulance comes and fetches the Chinese woman and ...

siren: the siren 2) the mermaid, the mermaid 3) the seductress 4) the alarm system Translations German: 1) siren; 2) mermaid, mermaid; 3) temptress; 4) alarm system

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