Have you seen Jurassic World?

Dino excitement! Jurassic World New Adventure

What's the matter?

For various reasons, six children are the first in the world to visit the mega-cool camp in Jurassic World - a 14-day dinosaur program. Above all, Darius, who won his place because he was the first to ever manage the Jurassic World video game, is very happy: The dinosaur fan actually wanted to make the trip with his father, who has since passed away. And after his death was certain he would never get there. The kids are looking forward to a good time with their supervisors Dave and Roxy, but things turn out differently.

Because already in the first night three of the children sneak out of the camp and get in danger because they come too close to the raptor enclosure. The next day, another carnivore is after Darius and his new buddy Kenji. And finally, the park's own breed, the vicious Indominus Rex, breaks out of its enclosure and ravages Jurassic World. And teenagers seem to find it particularly tasty, because the six kids just can't shake off the huge dinosaur ...

That's why it's worth watching!

In the eight episodes, each of which is a good 20 minutes long, the creators of the series tell a story that, from episode four onwards, plays parallel to the events of the first Jurassic World movie. If you don't know that, it doesn't matter. But if you have already seen it, you will surely recognize some of the names and events from the film here. And while Jurassic World New Adventures is an animated series, it's almost as exciting.

Because most of the time it's about the six kids / teenagers fleeing the dangers of the park and trying to get to a safe place. And the makers staged that in a mega-exciting way. So there is a good chance that you get scared every now and then when you watch the show. Because it is not a typical children's series, the story is much darker and more frightening than other series that are released for children from six years of age,

So you need good nerves to stick with it. While the first episodes are only really exciting now and then, the second half of the season becomes a long-running hit: the kids are always in danger, dangerous dinosaurs keep appearing - and not all characters in the series get away with intact skin. In addition to the gripping story, the look is also really successful, the figures can be easily distinguished, the dinosaurs look cool and the whole look of the park has also become really classy. And you are guaranteed to like the young heroes of the series soon, although (almost) all of them also have annoying sides.


Jurassic World New Adventures is a great, but rather nerve-wracking, new kids series on Netflix that you are guaranteed to enjoy if you've seen and liked movies from the Jurassic franchise. But you shouldn't be scared or scared if you want to watch here.

Jurassic World New Adventures Launches September 18 on Netflix.

Information for parents

Jurassic World New Adventure is a classic example of the fact that the FSK ratings for ages six and over are simply too far apart. Because for many six-year-olds, the suspense of the series is simply too much. People die here, even if this is not explicitly shown. And the young heroes also find themselves repeatedly in situations that seem hopeless. That can be too scary for sensitive children at that age. But the series is really good for older elementary school students or fifth to sixth graders. Exciting, sometimes funny and with heroes with whom you can identify well.