What kind of teacher would you like

Become a teacher: all information about the job!

The job as a teacher (male / female) suits you if you:

  • are hardworking.
  • enjoy working with children and young people.
  • show a lot of commitment.
  • are assertive.
  • can handle stress well.
  • be able to convey your knowledge well to others.
  • can give good presentations.
  • are patient.
  • have a very good command of the German language and grammar.

Table of Contents

  1. Study education
  2. Career changers
  3. training
  4. Self test
  5. tasks
  6. salary
  7. further education
  8. Future opportunities
  9. Summary

How to become a teacher - study and training

If you want to become a teacher, you need High Schoolbecause the necessary Teacher training only at universities or equivalent universities. When you apply for a study place, you usually decide on two subjects that you want to teach later. Teachers in MINT subjects such as mathematics, computer science or physics are particularly popular.

Since education is a matter for the federal states and is not regulated uniformly by the federal government, the teacher training courses differ considerably between the federal states. While you are doing a bachelor's or master's degree in some federal states, university teacher training in Bavaria ends with the first state examination, for example. The length of the course also differs on the one hand between the federal states and on the other hand it depends on the type of school at which you would like to teach later. If you want to teach at a high school later, you go to college at least five years and then have to do another two-year legal traineeship append.

The legal traineeship is a so-called Preparatory service, in which you teach independently at a school for two years and get tips and advice from experienced teachers. You also visit Seminars with educational and didactic contentto be prepared for the teaching profession. An exam awaits you at the end of your legal clerkship. If you pass this, you have finished your teacher training and that second state examination completed.

Become a teacher as a career changer

Under certain conditions you can also use a Lateral entry teacher become. If you have a Master's degree you can skip the teacher training course and go straight to it enter the profession through a legal traineeship. As a career changer, you do not need a first state examination, but after your second state examination you have the same job opportunities as student teachers. Even one Civil servants is possible for career changers. You can also choose the type of school. For example, you can also use the Lateral entry as a vocational school teacher dare. However, you should only choose the profession if you have the necessary ones Soft skills you bring with you. Empathy and communication skills are particularly important in this job. Also methodological skills, such as presentation techniques and media skills, can help you in everyday working life.

Training focus

Even before you start your studies, you determine the first training priorities of your teacher training by choosing your later subjects. You have very good job prospects in the STEM subjects, such as math, physics, computer science and technology. Teachers in these areas are particularly sought after in schools.

In addition, you decide which type of school you would like to teach. You can choose from the following forms:

  • Primary level: primary and secondary schools
  • Secondary level I: Realschule
  • Secondary level II: grammar school and comprehensive school
  • Vocational schools and vocational colleges
  • Special schools and special education

Depending on which type of school you choose, different priorities are set. For example, if you want to teach at a special school, your focus is primarily on the pedagogical level, as you have to dedicate yourself to your students even more individually in order to teach them the subject matter.

In order to become a vocational school teacher, it can make sense not to opt for the classic subjects such as German or English. Job-related subjects such as construction engineering, social education or electrical engineering are in demand here.

Self-test: is the profession of teacher right for you?

Still not sure if the teaching job is right for you? Then just take our self-test and find out whether you have important qualifications for the job!

The tasks as a teacher

As a teacher, it is your job to prepare students for later life and professional careers. This is all about them To convey teaching content from a subjectthat you specialize in. For this it is important to prepare the content outside of the lesson time and the individual Prepare lessons carefully. You will also check the knowledge of your students through regular tests, classwork and exams and then correct them. On this basis, you evaluate your students and assign individual grades.

Since adolescents and children spend a large part of their time at school, it is also part of your tasks to represent a reference person. You contribute to their upbringing and are also available to advise them on extracurricular matters. For this you enjoy pedagogical training and further education.

As a teacher, you are also to some extent an event manager. You organize internal school events, school trips or large projects. You are often in contact with the parents or parents' representatives in order to guarantee the smoothest possible process and good financing.

In order to expand and refresh your knowledge, you regularly attend training courses and conferences. These often take place during the holidays or on weekends and require you to sacrifice your free time for them. It is always said that teachers have a lot of free time because they don't have to give lessons during the holidays, but teachers do much of the work from home, such as correcting tests and exams.

Salary: This is how much you earn as a teacher

A teacher's salary depends on a number of factors: On the one hand, it depends on whether the teacher is a civil servant or not. In addition, the type of school at which you teach also determines the salary you can expect. The state also plays a major role in terms of salaries. The Tariffs in the federal states differ namely partly clearly. It is therefore difficult to determine a general average value. But you can roughly with one Starting salary of at least 3,200 euros gross per month calculate. A secondary school teacher earns on average 55,200 euros a year. This makes the profession of teacher one of the highest paid professions. Employed teachers often have a higher gross salary than civil servants. In return, civil servants benefit from lower tax deductions, so that in the end they usually earn a higher net income than salaried employees.

As a civil servant teacher you will become a Grade classified, which varies depending on the federal state. As a primary school teacher, you usually start at grade A12, as a teacher at a grammar school, that is the case High school teacher salary according to grade A13. As your work experience increases and as you move into higher positions, your grade also improves. There are significantly better earning opportunities at high school than at elementary school. For example, a headmaster of a primary school is classified in grade A12 or A13, while heads of a grammar school can move up to grade A16. In North Rhine-Westphalia, for example, that makes a difference of almost 1,500 euros gross per month. That too Vocational school teacher salary is based on grade A13.

The opportunities for further training as a teacher

As a teacher, it is important that you regularly take part in further training. Often you will even be asked to participate by the school management. Above all, you will get to know new developments in education so that you are always up to date. But further training on new laws or guidelines are also part of your job. In addition to the training courses, you attend regularly Teachers' conferencesto exchange ideas with colleagues and share experiences.

Teacher: A job with a future

who become a teacher would like to choose one Profession withfuture. Teachers are desperately wanted in every federal state in Germany. According to studies by the Bertelsmann Foundation, up to 35,000 primary school teachers will be missing in Germany by 2025, for example. But there is also a search at secondary schools. Especially those who specialize in natural science and technical subjects can count on a secure job. The education system lacks young talent in these areas.

Overview: The most important information about the profession of teacher

  • To become a teacher, you have to go to university Studying to become a teacher
  • You can specialize in different subjects and types of school.
  • Teacher salaries vary widely from state to state.
  • Due to the lack of young talent, teaching is a profession with good career prospects