Open helmets are dangerous

Driving without a visor?

Driving without a visor can be cool or dangerous. Rain, flies and other insects as well as the airstream are less pleasant side effects on the motorcycle. Especially if you use a helmet without a visor, your vision can very quickly give way to a veil of tears. Do you want to look cool and for this reason do without a visor on your hard hat? Coolness behind a veil of tears is impossible, so a helmet without effective eye protection tends to do the opposite.

With a visor: insect-free vision has advantages

I can only advise against a long or fast journey without a visor and point out that it does not take long until one or the other insect has made its way into your eye and takes away your view.

Wiping your eyes or letting your tears run free restricts your safety and puts you and other road users in danger. But even strong wind or rain achieve the same effect and can only annoy you if you do without the visor and believe that a helmet without eye protection is cooler than a full-face helmet.

Sure, for one or two short trips on a rather slow city scooter you don't necessarily have to wear a heavy full-face helmet. However, it also offers you some advantages in the city and prevents your vision from being clouded and permanently impaired by external influences. You should only do without a visor in city traffic if you alternatively wear large glasses and protect your eyes behind the glasses.

Summer, sun and limited visibility

Visors with a tinted function are perceived as particularly trendy and radiate ultimate coolness, especially with dark helmets. However, you should enjoy these statements with caution, because in adverse weather conditions the visor robs you of your view and puts you in just as much danger as driving without eye protection would.

The same applies to visors with an anti-fog function. These are absolutely blind if you clean them with anything other than plain tap water without additives.

With or without a visor, this is the question you ask yourself, especially on longer motorcycle tours, and to which you are looking for a specific answer. The fact is: in the city you can take short trips without a visor in appropriate weather conditions, while on the motorway and at higher speeds you should always wear a helmet with a visor.

Even without insects, the strong wind would tempt you to close your eyes and bypass the disruptive air currents. The same applies to the sun, which blinds enormously and blinds your light for fractions of a second. These seconds are enough to cause an accident and take your attention off the road.

Legal information about the helmet without a visor

There is no law that tells you whether your helmet has a visor or whether it is worn without it. Nevertheless, you should orientate yourself on the experience of other bikers, who always recommend a helmet with eye protection or sufficiently large glasses. The visor is an unwritten rule on motorways and should never give way to your desire for coolness. I can assure you that flying or wind in the eye are not cool at all.