Smoking is a hobby

Smoking shisha is more than a hobby

The water pipe, usually also known as shisha, is an oriental device for smoking. Here, the user uses a special technique. The shisha, which can also be described as a large elongated tube, is partly filled with water. Now the tobacco head is filled with tobacco and heated by glowing coals. The water pipe tobacco unfolds its aromas through the moisture of the boiling water and expels them through the mouthpieces on the smoke hoses. As a user, you will get a taste for countless variations of flavors. These range from sweet melons to tart herbs.

Smoking the shisha is more than a hobby. In many countries it is already part of the culture, so that it connects people with one another. Shisha bars, where you can meet up with friends to switch off with a water pipe, are also booming in Germany.

The matching hookah

If you want this experience with you at home too, you can buy a water pipe. But this begs the question of what to look out for when buying.
The following aspects are important: First of all, the shisha should be well made. There must be no cracks, weld lines or other open areas. The draft should be tailored to your wishes for high-quality smoking pleasure. The providers will be happy to advise you on how to deliver a hookah that meets your requirements. The optics must not be forgotten either. Because not only enjoyment, but also the decorative factor comes into play.

Which tobacco suits you

If you want to experience an enjoyable evening with a shisha, you need the right tobacco. This carries the aromas and makes smoking the experience it is for many lovers. Thanks to the Internet, it is easy to buy and try Shisha tobacco cheaply. Hundreds of different varieties are available online, ranging from sweet to savory. But which taste should you try? Which tobacco is good quality and how do you recognize it?
First of all, it depends on the right cut of the tobacco. There are products on the market that you can combine with single-hole or funnel tobacco heads. This is tobacco, which is cut very finely. It can be compressed with a little pressure in the tobacco head and develops a full-bodied aroma when smoked. If you want to smoke comfortably with a conventional tobacco head, you should purchase a slightly coarser cut tobacco. Plant fibers that are too fine can quickly clog the conventional tobacco head, causing the tobacco to burn. This manifests itself in a very smoky, unsightly note in the tobacco taste. You should only use very coarse tobacco if your shisha has a power bowl.
In addition, it is important to pay attention to the moisture. In Germany, a high-quality hookah tobacco may have a maximum of 5% moisture. This has a massive effect on the consistency and density of the smoke.