Can music consumption be unhealthy?

Loud music and health

Statutory regulations are intended to protect visitors to music events from hearing damage:

According to the “Instructions for the soundproofing of people during music performances” by Forum Schall, a limit of 93 dB applies to the public area (continuous sound level LA, eq).
At certain events (e.g. pop and rock concerts, clubbing, etc.), slightly higher continuous sound levels can exceptionally be achieved under certain conditions, but under no circumstances may they exceed a continuous sound level of 100 dB. The following also applies:

  • ÖNORM-tested hearing protection devices with a sound insulation of at least 15 dB are to be given to visitors free of charge.
  • the audience must be made aware of the potential health risk to their hearing,
  • compliance with an immission level of 100 dB must be ensured by means of limiting or monitoring devices, and
  • the vicinity of loudspeakers in which the limit value of 100 dB is exceeded must be reliably barred against access by visitors.

For dance events and discos, in addition to the conditions listed above, a limit value of 95 dB applies, measured at the edge of the dance floor, whereby the limit value of 93 dB must be observed in other common areas.

Further information can be found in the noise protection guidelines for events (Federal Environment Agency).