What happens to lost iPhones

iPad / iPhone Lost iPhone - what to do


Probably everyone who owns an iPhone has had the situation that brings sweat to your forehead and tears to your eyes: when you put your hand in your trouser or jacket pocket, the technical gem is suddenly gone. Relocated, lost, possibly even stolen. Hundreds of euros gone! And what is even more serious: All data and photos are lost, especially the SIM card. In the vast majority of cases, the first shock is followed by the all-clear: the cell phone is on the desk at home, in the car or at the counter of the favorite bar. It is simply encrypted and can be found again quickly. Sometimes, however, an iPhone is really lost. Fortunately, Apple's security strategies will help.

Find the iPhone via iCloud

If the iPhone is indeed no longer discoverable, the first thing you should try to find it with the help of iCloud. The "Find my iPhone" function is automatically set up on all iPhones (and iPads) when you log into iCloud. This is usually done when the device is set up for the first time. Unless you knowingly turned the feature off - which we only recommend for sale just before resetting the device - the chances are good that you will find a lost device again.

iPhone theft or loss: take precautions

To ensure that all of this works in the worst-case scenario, you should immediately check the following measures. Because once the device is gone, you can of course no longer optimally prepare it for loss. So: Have your iPhone on hand and check the following:

  • Be sure to write them down IMEI, serial number and model number Of your iPhone. Of course, the model is also useful. The police need both details for a theft report and can assign a device that has been found in this way. You can find all information at Settings > Generally > info. They can also be found on the packaging of the iPhone.
  • If you leave the house with your iPhone, you should never turn on airplane mode. Also the Data options should always be active.
  • Charge the iPhone, before you go: If the power is gone, iPhone search won't do anything either.
  • Even if it is annoying, you should definitely set the iPhone so that the Code lock Acts immediately when you put the iPhone away. If you use Touch-ID or Face-ID, this is set automatically. This ensures that no unauthorized person can access the data.
  • Choose a secure code or a meaningful passwordso that a potential finder or thief cannot bypass Touch and Face ID. You can also use the iPhone under Settings > Touch ID & Code or. Face ID and code also set so that data is automatically deleted after 10 failed login attempts.
  • Choose one even on the go fixed place for the device: Cell phone holder in the car, a specific jacket or trouser pocket or a specific compartment in the handbag. In this way, you can check with one hand that the device is still there.