Will people always drink coffee

High demand : More and more people are drinking coffee

More and more coffee is being drunk worldwide: consumption has doubled in the past 20 years, said the head of the International Coffee Organization (ICO), Robeiro Oliveira, on Thursday in the Colombian capital Bogotá. The demand has risen steadily over the years. And the ICO assumes that consumption will continue to rise: "The world population is growing and more and more people are getting a taste for coffee," said Oliveira, referring to countries such as China and Russia.

Rainfalls cause problems for farmers

The ICO boss did not want to commit himself to precise predictions about the development of production - it depends on many factors. At the moment, for example, heavy rains are troubling coffee farmers in Brazil, in Colombia it is the drought, in Central America, on the other hand, there are problems with the rust disease that afflicts coffee bushes.

The coffee price is currently at its lowest level in 20 months. Oliveira expects a price increase: "The market should react to the currently low supply."

Where most coffee is drunk

According to the figures from the ICO, the production of green coffee rose from around 108 million bags (each weighing 60 kilograms) in 2001 to an estimated 142 bags in 2014. Accordingly, demand in 2013 was already higher than production; 2014 even clearly.

The International Coffee Organization was founded in London in 1963 under the aegis of the UN. Most of the exporting and importing countries belong to it. Germany is also a member. Worldwide, the per capita consumption of German coffee drinkers is in seventh place with 7.1 kilograms of green coffee. Finns, Norwegians, Austrians, Danes, Swiss and Swedes drink even more coffee. (AFP)

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