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Know what is going on in space

Jan remembers one particular case well: In a crisis region in which several NATO partners were stationed, the political conflict continued to come to a head. Jan observed the satellite movements over the affected area for several days. Then some dates suddenly made him pensive.

Jan, analyst at BND:

“It always happens that satellites change their orbit. But when the orbit of a high-resolution reconnaissance satellite was changed for two consecutive days, I knew that it could not be a normal maneuver. Especially since it concerned a military satellite that belonged to a country that was involved in the political conflict. "


Jan was immediately alarmed. “I picked up the phone right away and called my colleague in the country evaluation. We used our special systems to find out more and also requested new intelligence information from our local sources. "

Someone with years of experience and expertise like Jan knows what to look out for. "In the end we were certain: The satellite orbits were not adjusted without a reason, but because a military operation was being prepared in the region."

Informed in good time

Jan's information and reports were immensely important for the country analysts. Although they are experts in assessing developments politically and militarily, in this case Jan's expertise was what counted. “The colleagues had been focusing on the area for a long time, but so far no tangible indications of an imminent military action.” Jan provided the decisive clue at the right time.

Thanks to Jan's information, the BND was able to inform the federal government and partners in the region about the upcoming military operation in good time. Experiences like this show how well specialists like Jan and his team contribute to fulfilling our mission.