What secrets do bartenders know about you

28 secrets that bartenders won't tell you

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Bartenders are real pastors. They just serve alcohol with it.

1. The fact is: With a real bartender, every drawer somehow looks like this.

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2. Bartenders have very different priorities than normal people.

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3. They are real pastors. They just serve alcohol with it.

4. Bartenders know that these stickers were invented by the devil himself.

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5. Bartenders are always prepared for anything.

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6. And they know exactly who has fumbled around in your peanut shell before you.

7. In the case of a bartender, the fruit always looks the same at home.

8. Every bartender knows: If the fridge looks like this, you better have a colleague open it.

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9. Bartenders always think of one thing.

10. You have to work in a bar to understand how badly certain patrons annoy you.

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11. And every bartender knows exactly what makes a good bar from a bad one.

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12. No bartender in the world can stand the question: "Can I charge my cell phone here?"

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13. A bartender means this by a horror movie.

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14. And bartenders that.

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15. Bartending is really dangerous.

16. And yet you always have to work.

17. The air tends to burn behind the bar.

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18. And when you stand behind the counter, you know the eternal lemon-chopping topic very well.

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19. Bartenders know that people who drink these things like to tip.

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20. And that those salt rims on the glasses are absolutely shitty.

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21. Only real bartenders know what this is.

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22. By the way, you're not a bartender if your shoes don't look like them.

23. When bartenders walk around with shakers, it's no fuss - it has to be.

24. Because bartenders know how to impress with simple things.

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25. And they know exactly how to take an order in a noisy bar.

26. By the way: If you see such bowls with cut fruit behind the bar and you are not a bartender, then the following applies to you: FINGER AWAY!

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27. Bartenders are magicians.

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28. And real superheroes. Because they work when others are celebrating.

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