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The 13th International Children's and Young People's Book Weeks will begin on June 8, 2013 in Cologne. This year's focus is on Brazilian children's and youth literature.

The event will open on June 8th at 3 pm with the exhibition "The fantastic realm of colors of the Brazilian illustrator Roger Mello" in the presence of the artist and mayor Angela Spizig.

On Sunday, June 9th at 4 pm there will also be a staged reading of the book "Fina" (ages 6 and up) written by Karen Acioly - with Myriam Chebabi, Luan Gummich and the author.

About the exhibition:

In addition to original illustrations, "The Fantastic Colorful Realm" also shows books, sketches and travel diaries by Roger Mello, one of the most famous Brazilian illustrators and authors for children, who will also be present in person. The compilation of the originals from the last fifteen years gives an insight into the enormous range of Mello's art: For his illustrations he uses a wide variety of materials, techniques, color combinations and image sizes. His great interest in the animals, plants, landscapes and traditions of his country immediately fell
in the eye, but he also takes up current social issues such as child labor in an imaginative and poetic way in pictures and words. Jochen Weber from the International Children's and Youth Library in Munich, who lends the exhibition, will give a brief introduction to Roger Mello's work. The exhibition lasts until June 23rd and is open to all interested parties with free admission.

Location: Altes Pfandhaus, Karthäuser Wall 20, 50678 Cologne

About the reading:

"Fina" is the title of a staged reading that will be offered on Sunday, June 9th at 4 pm in the Comedia Theater in Cologne for children from the age of six. Myriam Chebabi has translated Karen Acioly's text from Brazilian and is also one of the speakers. Fina, the heroine of the title, is a girl in whom many children will recognize herself: She can dance a lot, especially dancing, and thinks herself really great, but sometimes she is a little lonelier than she would like. Now your birthday is just around the corner ...

Venue: COMEDIA Theater Cologne, Vondelstraße 4-8, 50677 Cologne

Other Events:

Numerous bilingual courses will follow from June 10 to 21
Author readings, including with Ricardo Azevedo, Luciana Sandroni and Daniel Munduruku, as well as various workshops and film screenings for school classes. The SK Foundation for Culture, the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne, the City Library and the Catholic Public Libraries in the Archdiocese of Cologne have jointly organized the International Children's and Young People's Book Weeks since 1996, with an annually changing host country. The aim of the bilingual readings and the supporting program is to promote reading in conjunction with intercultural education. Through the preparation in the classroom and intensive, direct contact with the foreign-language authors - interpreters help one or two school classes
- the curiosity of the students is aroused and encouraged: curiosity about stories from other countries, about books in general, about the people behind the books and often also about the libraries as places where they can find more exciting reading or experience events. The readings in schools and Catholic public libraries are therefore closed events to the
In addition to the registered school classes, interested individuals are also welcome to read in the district libraries.

You can find all dates and reading samples at


Additional Information:

Bilingual readings and a supporting program are intended to give children and young people an idea of ​​the literature and culture of Brazil. Eight of the best-known Brazilian illustrators and authors of books for children and young people will come to Cologne from June 8th to 23rd to present their works to young readers in Cologne schools and libraries. A bilingual reader with text excerpts from the invited authors, which will be published for the occasion, not only gives the schoolchildren and teachers, but also specialists in children's and young people's literature an insight into the children's and young people's literature in Brazil, which has so far been relatively little translated into German.

Almost all of the invited authors and illustrators have received many important national honors: Luciana Sandroni, who comes from Rio de Janeiro, writes for children and young people, as does her Indian colleague Daniel Munduruku. Julio Emilio Braz from Rio de Janeiro has written almost two hundred books for children, young people and adults after his first experiences as a comic and screenwriter. Regina Drummond, who has lived in Munich for several years, writes for children and young people, is a storyteller and develops reading promotion projects. Ricardo Azevedo is both an author and illustrator for children and young people, while Ciça Fittipaldi writes and illustrates mainly for younger children of primary school age. Danuzza Mendonca Leuters, who, as a Brazilian living in Germany, specializes in intercultural dialogue, presents a bilingual German-Brazilian nonfiction book. The illustrator and author Roger Mello is not only present in his meetings with school classes, but also in the exhibition accompanying the International Children's and Young People's Book Weeks June Station in Cologne in the old pawn shop.

Scriptwriter and director Sylvia Schirmer from Munich presents her interactive youth book app TV project about a German-Brazilian street soccer competition.

In addition to the readings and the exhibition, there will be a staged reading in the Comedia Theater and a Brazilian film program.

The International Children's and Young People's Book Weeks see themselves as a project for intercultural education and reading promotion: The majority of the readings are closed events for the registered one or two school classes, so that all students have a good chance of hearing every word and gesture and their questions to be able to provide. The authors read aloud in their mother tongue, which is usually unknown to many children, while interpreters read the relevant texts in German and translate the conversation between the author and the audience. Experience has shown that these somewhat exotic encounters with the authors arouse or support the desire for reading and interest in books in many students. The libraries often use the events as a special offer for schools that work with them particularly faithfully, but sometimes also as an opportunity to get in touch with the schools in their neighborhood and to show how libraries can contribute to promoting reading.

The exhibition, the film program, the staged reading and the readings in the district libraries are open to all interested parties, so that families and other professionals from the city and the surrounding area can also benefit from the children's and young people's book weeks.

The International Children's and Young People's Book Weeks are a joint event of the SK Stiftung Kultur, the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne, the City Library of Cologne and the Catholic Public Libraries in the Archdiocese of Cologne in cooperation with the JFC Media Center. The multi-week series of events has taken place in Cologne every year since 1996.


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