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Since Mr. Jin is also a government employee, his case attracted a lot of attention the people in charge the local government.
Because Jin is also a government worker, his case drew much attention from the people in charge of the municipal government.
Even though I realized when I read Teacher's article that I should cooperate and accept all of our FXH's arrangements, I still felt that the conflict was not my fault, it was the people in charge would be wrong with FXH.
When I read Teacher's article, even though I understood that I needed to work with and accept the overall arrangements of our local FXH, I still felt that the conflict was not my fault and that the people in charge of the FXH were at fault.
The United Nations Committee Against Torture issued a report calling for an investigation into the harvesting of organs from living Falun Gong practitioners, and also that the people in charge to be brought to their just punishment.
The United Nations' counter-torture committee issued a report, requesting an investigation of organ harvesting from live Falun Gong practitioners, and requested that the responsible people be brought to justice.
The people in charge The exhibition told us that a final decision on the premiere date has not yet been made and that they hope to be able to give us the date by mid-November.
The people responsible for the exhibition have told us that no final decision regarding the premiere date has yet been made and they are hoping to give us a date by the middle of November.
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