Can India become a mosquito-free country?

Mosquito repellent on vacation in Southeast Asia

Mosquitoes are not to be trifled with: in Southeast Asia they transmit dangerous diseases. Here you will find information about the best mosquito repellent on vacation.

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You are certainly looking forward to your vacation in Thailand or any other country in Southeast Asia. But a trip to exotic regions also harbors some health risks. Fortunately, you can get vaccinated against most dangers.

However, this does not apply to infection with tropical diseases from mosquitoes. Therefore, you should go for the Mosquito repellent on vacation Take some precautions, such as appropriate clothing or the use of mosquito nets and repellents.

Sick from mosquito bites

Southeast Asia and Thailand are malaria areas. As already mentioned, there is no vaccination against this infectious disease and prophylaxis is only recommended for trips to Africa. Therefore, in the vacation in malaria areas Mosquito repellent top priority.

In Thailand, mosquito bites can not only infect you with malaria and dengue fever, but also with Japanese encephalitis. The viral disease causes inflammation of the meninges.
If you think about the serious diseases that are transmitted by mosquitoes Mosquito repellent on vacation in Southeast Asia well worth the effort. But how can you best protect yourself?

Use clothing as a "mosquito barrier"

Your clothing can protect large areas of skin from stings. But the right one is necessary for this: clothing should be as light as possible, long and airy, as mosquitoes are attracted by color. It also makes sense to impregnate the wardrobe against mosquitoes. There are special sprays available in stores that you can use Impregnate clothing and nets against mosquitoes. Caution is advised here: after each wash, it must be re-impregnated. Alternatively, you can also buy clothing that has already been impregnated.

Even if clothing offers a certain protection, it is still far from sufficient. The most effective are still other means against mosquitoes: namely the so-called repellents.

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Repellents keep mosquitoes away

In the tropics, special means are needed to keep mosquitos away. The ingredient DEET, which is contained in many repellents, has proven itself here. Repellents are mosquito repellants that are applied directly to the skin, for example in the form of sprays.

Mosquitoes are present day and night in tropical regions. However, the tormentors are particularly active at dawn and dusk, just then you should protect yourself. There are special means for this: Protection against nocturnal mosquitoes is offered by repellents with the active ingredient Icaridin, which works just as well as DEET. Icaridin protects against the transmission of dangerous tropical diseases such as malaria or the Zika virus.

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Mosquito repellent is also installed inside

Even indoors you are not safe from mosquitos. But there you can protect yourself relatively well. Here are a few tips for accommodation:

  • If there's room in your luggage, you can Mosquito screen especially for traveling take with you that seal hotel windows, for example.
  • A mosquito net offers protection and can be transported without any problems, but the net should be sufficiently fine-meshed and impregnated. Especially in very inexpensive accommodations, the mosquito nets, if they exist at all, are often in a poor condition, i.e. with holes in them. Good networks are often already in place in better accommodations.
  • In addition to nets and bars, you can also take a mosquito plug with you on vacation.
  • In addition, the Air conditioning can be used against mosquitoes ̶ at least indirectly ̶ because warmer temperatures attract mosquitoes.

These are the best things to get hold of before you travel. Especially when it comes to mosquito repellent on vacation, a certain amount of preparation can save you a lot of trouble.

Prepared, traveling is more relaxed

Therefore, find out in detail about mosquito repellent in your travel destination before your holiday! Which diseases occur in the holiday area, are vaccinations necessary and should medication be packed? You can find such information, for example, on the Tropical Institute's homepage.

You should also have a small supply of repellants best to get it before the trip: Because the first mosquitos may already be waiting at the airport and on vacation it is sometimes more difficult to get advice on the subject of mosquito protection - also because you may not know the local products and do not understand the language on the packaging.

If these precautions are taken, your vacation will hopefully be a unique - and mosquito-free - experience.

Here you will find further tips for your first-aid kit for Thailand and Southeast Asia.

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