Power is the opposite of love

Most of the time I get the answer "hate" spontaneously to this question. The truth is that both love and hate are strong emotions with a lot of energy. The energy is only directed in different directions. The opposite of love and hate is complete lack of energy and thus indifference.

If I watch unmoved how the truck drives to the door, the furniture is packed and I think about what to buy or what to eat for dinner while my partner leaves me, then the point has probably been reached where everything is over is. No love, no hate - just over.


Before people are ready to venture into mediative work, they usually claim for a long time that they don't care about the topic, the person or the situation - actually. However, they do not really find peace and feel the urge to report relatively often to the environment about this person, topic or situation, to complain, to complain. Until the good friends, colleagues or neighbors take heart and confront the narrator with the unpleasant truth that there is still a lot of energy and thus interest in clarification.

If people are mediating with me, tell me at the beginning of the individual conversations, but also often in the confrontations with the other person, that they are not ready to say anything about this or that point. You don't really want to say anything about anything. Saying nothing at all in one-on-one conversations often takes 2 hours, during which I only listen and take notes. Even at the end of the conversation, the sentence ... "but as I said, I won't say anything about it anyway."

Wherever there is energy, there is also a need for clarification, hope and interest. It is therefore worthwhile to sit down at a common table and to enter into a dialogue on an equal footing in a protected environment in which there is no risk of having to endure further injuries.