How does Just Dial Status at this moment

Necessary steps if cannot be reached

Q: What should I do if appears to be malfunctioning?

If is indeed AVAILABLE and only appears unreachable to you, troubleshoot or try to find an alternative for

In many cases, however, the problem is with corrupt DNA. In that case just use this IP address (, enter it in the address field of your browser and press Enter. If it works then rest assured it is a DNS error. Quickly fix this here.

Q: What if is actually down?

If is really down, you can:

  1. Try alternative urls like, page name with or without www etc.

  2. Wait - most failures don't last any longer and are temporary.

  3. Make a request on your forum, blog, or Facebook page - managers often post in these places about times when the site is down, so it's good to stop by.

  4. Look for an alternative - click to see if there is one. In most cases, you can easily find one!