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Tesla: Unlimited free electricity for Model S and X

Hans-Christian Dirscherl

Tesla is reintroducing free electricity charging. Buyers of a new Tesla Model S or X can charge unlimited on the Tesla Supercharger.

EnlargeNothing will change for Model 3. Its drivers still have to pay for the electricity on the Supercharger.

Tesla is reintroducing free electricity charging. From now on, buyers of a new Tesla Model S or Tesla Model X can use the Tesla Superchargers to recharge their electricity free of charge for life, as the US electric car manufacturer announced via Twitter.

The right to free electricity charging is linked to the first-time buyer of a new Tesla Model S or X. If he then resells his Tesla, the right to free electricity on the superchargers expires. The entitlement to free charging is therefore not linked to the vehicle.

Tesla is withdrawing its decision from the beginning of 2017. At that time, Tesla ended the right of Model S and X drivers to charge the Tesla Superchargers with unlimited electricity for free. From January 1, 2017, only 400 kWh per year or electricity for a range of 1000 miles per year were free. If you bought a Model S or a Model X by December 31, 2017, you can continue to charge your Tesla without a quantity limit. The upper limit of 400 kWh does not apply to these Tesla customers. Owners of a Tesla Model 3 always have to pay for their electricity anyway.

A map with all supercharger stations available worldwide can be found here.

With its change of course, Tesla may be reacting to the recently slacking sales figures for Model S and X, while the cheaper Model 3 is selling splendidly. Of a total of 95,200 vehicles delivered in the second quarter of 2019, only 17,650 were Model S or X. The rest were all Model 3, but Tesla earned less.

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