What's a good thing about marketing

The good calls: Marketing for a good cause

Stephie and Philipp from "Das Gute Ruft"

Article by Christian Müller from Sozial-pr.net

Marketing - at this word many NGOs and social entrepreneurs contract their stomachs and raise their eyebrows. The reservations and skepticism towards marketing are high, most people associate it with advertising and selling.

Stephie and Philipp from “Das Gute ruft” show that it doesn't always have to be this way. In the podcast with Georg they share their experiences, their history and tips for NGO marketing.

The bad screams, but the good calls

The two of them get to the heart of the agency from Stephie and Philipp, both on their website and in the podcast:

With helpful resources we want to show that the marketing of an entrepreneurial idea and a larger vision does not have to be intrusive or profitable, but can be fun and creates a community of like-minded people. Because: the bad screams, but the good calls.

In the podcast, Georg goes one step further and delves into the history of the agency and the background of both of them with Stephie and Philipp. It shows that helpteers and the good calls have one thing in common:

Both projects are driven by the desire to change something and to set impulses for a good cause. Georg as well as Stephie and Philipp currently see problems that they want to help solve. Georg in the area of ​​crowd moving, Stephie and Philipp in matters of marketing and visibility of NGOs.

This episode is definitely worth it for you if you ...

  • ... want to see marketing from a new perspective.
  • ... get motivated by the stories of others.
  • ... you have an initiative or project yourself for which marketing makes sense.
  • ... always wanted to know where the name of the agency "Das Gute ruft" comes from.
  • ... are looking for practical tips for your marketing.

Have fun with the episode.



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