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Fashion (B.A.)

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The course seems totally exciting when you look at the curriculum and the content. It is also interesting - for creative people a chance to live out their lives - at this facility at a price that is far too high.

The workload is set far too high, especially in the fashion course in Pf. Unfortunately, I couldn't make an objective assessment at the time because I had too little life experience. At least the workload of a diploma course was translated into a ridiculous bachelor’s course: 7 S (which hardly anyone adheres to because most are too exhausted and would have to insert a "relaxation semester") + pre-study internship, vs. a maximum of 9 S diploma.
There are no annual projects but semester projects (4 months) for which the standard is far too high and design work has to be done on too many levels at the same time.

The result: an extremely hard-earned paper that ultimately only really helps you if you attach a master's degree abroad that is unaffordable for most people.
Unfortunately, it is mainly young women who are prepared for the exploitation of the fashion industry during their studies. You can watch your fellow students as they go through the symptoms of burnout. Many also need psychological support afterwards.
This is also supported by the fact that the workload is so high that you no longer have any private life and social contacts outside of the university can only take place during the semester break. In addition, the course is quite expensive, as all materials have to be self-financed.
The fashion course is relatively poorly equipped. You have to pay extra money for every little thing, the machines are sometimes a joke and the few tailors who look after the workshop can hardly take care of the individual students. The studio spaces are ridiculous, most of them don't have any.
This is not the case at many other colleges and art academies.

You should keep in mind that you can expect very well-paid jobs in other areas with similarly high workloads and demands that are rightly appreciated by society. Even in the creative field, studying fashion design is often not taken seriously.

My recommendation would therefore be to do a diploma course at another university, preferably in a different area, such as communication design or something similar. There you usually have enough time to be creative and develop in annual projects. You can usually choose your own focus (maybe even do something in the direction of fashion). Since you are not so tied to the fashion industry and are more flexible, you can earn some decent money later and the option of doing a doctorate or working as a lecturer would also be open.

Regarding job prospects: The absolute exception of my former fellow students has found satisfactory jobs. By that I mean, above all, jobs with a reasonably appreciative salary. Often the work in companies is distributed in such a way that the individual rarely remains creative work or conception - people who have studied in Pf will therefore be dissatisfied and completely underchallenged in the long term. You mostly work in front of the screen. Everyday life is practically oriented towards the "fashion cycle". Ie. Few relaxed phases (mostly in August) in which you can take vacation: Little flexibility and an outrageous, underground salary.

So it's really not worth it at all. And recommend everyone to get out there as soon as possible, be it after or during their studies. By the way, in Baden-Württemberg you now pay second course fees, so it is even less worthwhile to "go through" the course.
Good luck everyone!
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