Why was Babylon 5 destroyed?

The aim of the Babylon project was to create a place where humans and aliens could live together peacefully. The program was initiated by the Earth Alliance after the war between Earth and the Minbari ended in 2248. Although there were also idealistic motives, most people supported the initiative because the earth had been brought to its knees by the Minbari and they saw no other chance of survival.

was the fifth and final attempt to install a space station that promised lasting peace in the galaxy. the first station was destroyed when its structure collapsed; the second was sabotaged; the third exploded; , the best and most expensive station, disappeared without a trace in 2254, 24 hours after its completion. It later turned out that she was caught in some kind of time warp.

In view of this, few expected that she would survive longer than six months. The earth did not rate the chances of the station's first birthday as high: Lloyd's Of London bet 500: 1 against it; in Las Vegas the rate was 350: 1, in New Vegas it was 200: 1.

Against all odds, in 2257 it succeeded in bringing together the five most important races in the galaxy - Humans, Minbari, Ventauri, Narn and Vorlons - as well as a multitude of non-aligned races, Drazi, Pak'ma'ra, the Llort, Abbai, Ipsha and the Tokati. Each of these peoples sent an ambassador; the representative of the earth has been in command since then.

The station is anchored on neutral territory, at the coordinate point Epsilon 470-18-22; eight kilometers long, it circles around Epsilon Three. Originally believed to be uninhabited, the crew discovered in 2258 that it was once home to a highly developed people. But only a lone guard named Varn stayed there. Since commissioning in 2257, the station has been committed to its mission to keep the peace increasingly threatened by growing violence and spreading across the galaxy.

has a new commander, and the mission is clearly ahead of the crew - often life-threatening and always vital if the peace is to be maintained. Five interstellar races compete with one another, in all of them there are not only diplomats, but also smugglers, terrorists and dreamers.

The year 2260: so far everyone hoped that the space station could keep the peace - now it is the only hope of victory. Sheridan and his companions in the command center of Spacecenter Babylon 5 defend themselves against the two-faced alliance that the earth has entered into with the shadows.

The future begins - or ends - here and now. "Here" is the huge space station B5. "Now" is the fateful year 2261. Commander John Sheridan has already proclaimed the station's independence - thus the alliance with the Earth Alliance has been terminated. It was foreseeable that he would soon have to defend this new freedom. Now it is time.

Time was running out for both of them right from the start: Everyone hoped the space station would secure peace - but sooner or later that would no longer matter due to new political alliances and technical developments. And John Sheridan, who had led the vast free zone through its worst crisis, knew full well that the prophecy had sealed its fate inescapably. Sheridan tries to keep the peace in the Interstellar Alliance, fate is predetermined for him and his leadership team. And we learn what the future holds for the huge space station.

The year 2267: Earth is under quarantine after being contaminated with a deadly virus by an alien force. According to scientific prognoses, the population will be completely wiped out in 5 years at the latest - which means that it is almost impossible to find an antidote in such a short time. This is the last hope of mankind on a highly developed spaceship, sent to search for a cure on strange planets.