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Sex Offender Epstein: Ghislaine Maxwell Counts Expanded

The latest developments

Jeffrey Epstein was charged with sexual abuse when he died in a New York prison cell in August 2019. Now his former lover Ghislaine Maxwell is the focus of the investigation.

The latest developments

  • Jeffrey Epstein's ex-partner Ghislaine Maxwell, who is in custody, will face further charges. American media reported on Monday (March 29th), citing court documents, that the indictment against the 59-year-old was expanded to include a fourth victim. The allegations revolve around sex trafficking with a 14-year-old minor between 2001 and 2004. In July 2020, Maxwell was accused of seduction into illegal sex acts and perjury between 1994 and 1997 in the case of three girls. Maxwell had denied aid in court and pleaded "not guilty". Maxwell has been in a prison in the New York borough of Brooklyn since the summer of 2020. Several applications for release on bail were denied, among other things because of the risk of escape. The trial against her is due to begin in July.
  • Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's former partner, has asked for a bail release again - and offered to give up her French and British citizenship in return. Maxwell was ready to give up citizenship "in order to eliminate any possibility of seeking refuge in these countries," the American media quoted from court documents on Wednesday (February 24th). Two previous applications by 59-year-old Maxwell for bail had already been denied, among other things because of the risk of escape.
  • An interrogation protocol from 2016 shows that Ghislaine Maxwell denied even then that girls for Epstein's sexual debauchery rto have recruited. The minutes were published on Thursday (10/22/2020). Maxwell is currently on remand in New York. Her lawyers wanted to prevent her client's affidavit from being released. But now 418 pages of a statement made by Maxwell in the course of a lawsuit by Epstein victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre in 2016 have been published. At that time Maxwell was questioned for hours. She had to reveal details of her private life as well as her sexual preferences. She was also asked about her relationship with Giuffre. The then minor stated that she worked as a "masseuse" for Jeffrey Epstein. Maxwell denied having recruited Giuffre or any other girls for convicted sex offender Epstein. However, the document also shows that Maxwell repeatedly evaded the question of whether Epstein sexually abused minors. All she said was that she had never slept with him against her will.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein?

Born in 1953 to a Jewish family, Jeffrey Epstein spent most of his childhood in Brooklyn, New York. After finishing his mathematics studies without a degree, he first worked as a math teacher before joining the investment bank Bear Stearns as a punter in 1976. There he became a member of the management team in 1980. Two years later he founded his own asset management company with J. Epstein & Co., specialized in investments for billionaires and made a lot of money himself. His customers included Leslie Wexner, the owner of the well-known women's underwear chain Victoria’s Secret.

Although Epstein has often been referred to as a billionaire in the media, the size of his fortune was unknown. The American magazine "Forbes" did not list him as a billionaire. Nevertheless, Epstein's fortune was immense: In addition to a villa in Florida, he owned a ranch in New Mexico, an apartment in Paris, two private jets and one of the Virgin Islands.

What was Epstein accused of?

The indictment, published in 2019, spoke of prostitution, human trafficking and the multiple rape of minors. Specifically, the New York prosecutor accused the then 66-year-old of abusing dozens of underage girls and making them available to his friends. Between 2002 and 2005, Epstein is said to have built a sex slave ring with minors in the American states of New York and Florida. A pyramid scheme is said to have ensured a steady supply of girls. At least 80 of the victims, so it is in the investigation files, are said to have been 14 years or younger at the time of the act.

The charges against Epstein were not new; he had been officially a sex offender for over a decade. In 2008, Epstein was charged on nearly identical charges in Florida state after several girls filed a lawsuit against him. At the time, however, his relationships apparently helped him avoid a long prison sentence. In the end, he only served 13 months. He was also allowed to go out twelve hours a day.

As in 2008, Epstein pleaded not guilty in 2019. If the trial had been reopened and he had been found guilty, he would have faced a prison sentence of up to 45 years. But because of his untimely death, it shouldn't come to that.

How did Epstein die?

Epstein was found dead in his cell in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York on August 10, 2019. According to official sources, he committed suicide at the age of 66. After his death, however, conspiracy theories spread that Epstein had received help in suicide or was possibly even killed.

However, the investigation indicated a mistake by the judicial authorities. Epstein was discovered in his cell with wounds on his neck three weeks before his death. After that there was increased protection for him from other prisoners as well as the "suicide watch". This means an intensive monitoring process to ensure that a person cannot attempt suicide. However, this process was canceled after only six days. It is therefore now assumed that Epstein's suicide was made possible due to the lax arrangements in New York prison.

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If you have thoughts of suicide yourself or know someone in need of assistance, please contact the Advisors of the Presented Hand. You can these confidential and around the clock by telephone on 143 to reach. Special help for children and adolescents is available at number 147.

Who were Epstein's friends?

Epstein's activity as a hedge fund manager was his key to the world of the rich and famous: Epstein celebrated lavish parties in villas, loved the company of beautiful, mostly young women, and liked to surround himself with the rich and powerful. His friends included ex-President Bill Clinton, actor Kevin Spacey and the British Prince Andrew.

A few years ago, the latter was also accused of having obtained minors for sex through Epstein. This accusation is rejected by both Andrew and Buckingham Palace to this day.

Today's American President Donald Trump once raved about Epstein. In 2002, Trump told New York magazine that he had known Epstein for many years and that it was very funny in his presence. Epstein is a great guy. “They say he loves beautiful women like me and they are more on the younger side,” Trump said at the time.

Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?

The 58-year-old Ghislaine Maxwell is likely to have played a key role in Jeffrey Epstein's life: She is an alleged accomplice of the abuses. Maxwell is said to have fed new girls to Epstein for years by luring them to Epstein and Maxwell's joint estate on the pretext of hiring them for massages.

In addition, Maxwell is said to have committed several perjuries in relation to Epstein's activities. When she was asked whether Epstein was recruiting underage girls for sexual massages, she replied: "I don't know what you are talking about." If convicted, she faces up to 35 years imprisonment. Because of the extreme risk of escape, she must continue to be detained.

Maxwell is the daughter of the London publisher Robert Maxwell. She came to New York in the early 1990s, where she met Epstein. The two became lovers and are said to have remained friends afterwards. After Epstein's arrest and suicide last summer, Maxwell went into hiding in various locations in New England - until she was finally arrested in July 2020.