Can brain scanning technologies detect lies

"Building 8": Insight into Facebook's secret laboratory for hardware

In a subdivision of Facebook called "Building 8", the social media group is said to be working on several hardware projects. Accordingly, the ideas of the growing group of developers range from AR glasses to brain scan technology.

Facebook's Bat Cave

It is no secret that Facebook also conducts many research projects with its billions. In order to have a good starting position in the future market of VR, the group had taken over the virtual reality specialists from Oculus VR for 2 billion dollars, Internet satellites with lasers are also part of the future portfolio. As it turns out now, the group seems to be working on many other hardware projects in the previously little-known department called "Building 8".

As Business Insider reports, the group has been gathering a growing number of "tech veterans" in the development team for over a year, who are working on more and more prototypes. Four different projects are currently under development, ranging from augmented reality to brain scan technology. Some of the developments from Facebook's secret hardware laboratory will apparently no longer remain under lock and key. As Business Insider claims to have learned from a “well-informed source”, the department’s first products will be in the spotlight at next month’s developer conference “F8”.

From brain scans to drones

Specifically, according to the informants of Business Insider, augmented reality cameras and drones are among the probably less spectacular "Building 8" projects. The computer vision specialist Frank Dellaert - previously chief developer at a start-up for autonomous drones - could probably develop an aircraft for the group here. In the past few months, some GoPro employees have been recruited for this area.

In another project, the developers are supposed to work on brain scan technologies; the project is led by an unnamed neuroscientist who has previously developed prostheses that can be controlled by brain waves. Information on the goals of this department is not available. However, Mark Zuckerberg had already made it known in the past that he believed that it would also be possible for people to send thoughts in the future. After the report, it will definitely be interesting to see what "Building 8" will bring about.

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