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Address women correctly: 11 simple flirting tips

In this article I'll show you:

  • Why you on pick-up lines should refrain
  • As you do when you speak leaves a bomb-like impression
  • Forget boring, memorized phrases: Like you confident flirtatious conversations lead
  • Like you with my 2 simple insider tips in just 5 minutes all their attention receive
  • Friendzone? How better to avoid them than Edward Snowden's prison
  • My #1trick to the guaranteed kiss

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You're in a bar and see a stunning woman:

She is wearing a knee-length, figure-hugging cocktail dress and has her hair pinned up. Her high heels flatter her phenomenal, long legs ...

This is your chance. You just have to address them.

But fuck.

You just don't have the right words. Even after pondering for a long time, you cannot come up with a perfect line for this situation.

You think and think and the longer you do that, the more nervous you get ...

Finally you overcome yourself. You think "Now or never!"…

But the only thing you can get out of your lips is a stammered one "Hey."that she completely overhears.

Nice shit!

Is this a far-fetched scenario for you - or actually something that sounds kind of familiar to you?

If the latter is the case, don't think it's just you.

The question "How do I best address a woman?" I get asked every day.

This fact made my heavenly calling clear to me: The world needs more contact tips! And I'm the one who should deliver it to her. Hallelujah!

That's why I sat down on my ass, hit the keys and conjured up this article for you.

These 11 simple flirting tips will give you such a profound understanding of how to successfully address a woman that it will almost feel like I've got it tattooed on your brain.

A tattoo is usually applied as follows:

It is not stabbed straight away. First you need a clear picture in your head. We ensure this by looking at a visual and understandable example.

The tips that I then give you resemble a tattoo artist's needle.

Together we make sure that you never forget them again and that you master them like a pro even in your sleep.

Because you know: Hollywood, social conditioning, and the wrong women have distorted the reality of many men.

As a result, they are often not aware of how much attraction can arise the first time they are spoken to.

If you've read this article, you'll know exactly how to get a woman's attention and make it kissable.

Get ready and hold on tight, because your reality is about to be shaken roughly.

Tip 1: Pick-up lines DO NOT work

Back to the question:

"How do I best address a woman?"

There are hundreds of websites that give you "magic pick-up lines" that will supposedly get you any woman ...

Something went wrong here bro:

With ONE pick-up line ALONE, you can never wrap a woman around your finger.

To be successful at addressing it is less about what you say and more about AS you say it.

Practice with a simple:

,, Hey! I am pleased to meet you.".

Concentrate on HOW you say it.

Most men seek validation and approval when addressing someone.

You look like a panting, drooling bulldog who wants a new pack of pedigree from her owner.

Afraid of being rejected, they communicate in an insecure way:

"Hopefully she will accept me / find me great."

With this hesitant search for confirmation, you will be REALLY rejected.

Why? I'll show you right away.

Once you've mastered the art of speaking, you can bring up the weirdest and craziest things without her wanting to interrupt the conversation ...

It then literally sticks to you while you wonder how far you can take the whole thing.

Sounds good right? But how do you get in the right mood for this?

Tip 2: "Warm the fuck up!"

What does the average Hans Wurst do when he walks into a bar?

Tense, he steers straight towards the counter in a kind of “autopilot” to order a beer.

Together with his other compañeros, he then examines the “hot brides” that the bar has to offer.

After half an hour he finds what he is looking for: a beautiful woman is talking to her friends five meters away.

Come on Hans, do something!

Completely overwhelmed he doesn't dare to speak to her.

"HAAAAALT STOP!", As Psycho-Andreas would perhaps put it from exchanging women.

What's happening? What is preventing Hans from addressing his dream woman?

He didn't understand a fundamental concept that I'll reveal to you next.

You can use this approach to overcome even the most intimidating situations:

Time for a warm-up: mingle with the people!

End of working day. You may have had a hard day at work, so you can freshen up at home and move on.

Prize question: You are in a stressed shitty mood. What is the chance that in a fraction of a millisecond you can go straight into a "I-would-myself-be-Princess-Lillifee-enchanted-mood-with-my-abstract-joyful dance"?

You're goddamn right.

It is as good as impossible to change the mood suddenly from one moment to the next and to be the attractive womanizer out of nowhere, which women really love.

The longer you wait to approach someone, the more difficult it will be.

It's like fitness: when you go to the gym, when you've just arrived, you don't press the 100 kilos on the weight bench. You warm up first (at least I hope so for your joints).

If you go to a club or a bar, speak to the first two people you meet right at the beginning.

You don't have to talk to them for a long time.

Your sole intention at first should be to chat and get you in the mood NOTto flirt on someone.

Give them simple compliments:

"Hey, stylish shirt."

"Hey, the skirt looks great."

"Hey, cool hairstyle."

Hand out a few high fives. Make it as easy as possible for yourself and have fun!

A rule in our coaching is: Talk to the first three people you see.

Keep on warming up socially - you will gradually begin to feel the need to stay longer in conversation.

Because you are already warmed up by this point, this is easier for you than tying your shoes.

You are relaxed, chat away from the liver and are in a great mood. You will then find it completely uninhibited to address attractive women.

For example, what I like to do is approach women by telling them in detail that a UFO has just landed outside. I tell them how the Martians and I became best friends.

Tip 3: Stop the interview - make statements

You've probably seen it before: You're at a party and you're talking to someone you've never seen before.

She bombards you with extremely boring questions and you feel like you are on an FBI interrogation.

,,Where are you from?"

"What do you do for a living / are you still studying?"

,,What are your hobbies?"

,,How old are you actually?"

Even the superficial small talk with your neighbor about the mild weather fascinates you more. Fortunately, it suddenly occurs to you that you wanted to go to the bathroom 20 minutes ago.

Cheers to the digestive system!

You leave the superficial conversation never to come back ...

So why the hell would you want to anesthetize a woman in the bar with the same question-and-answer game when you loathe it yourself?

One run-of-the-mill question after the other and the conversation just doesn't develop any further.

The difference between males and females is actually quite easy to understand:

We men are very logical. Women, on the other hand, are very emotional beings. If you can't get them to do something with you FEELSyou bore them.

You have to let her feel every emotion except boredom.

alternative Number 1 for the almost oppressive FBI interrogation or the boring question-and-answer game:

Turn your questions into statements.

Make a claim about your Mrs. Right:

For example, through an observation or an impression that it makes on you.

Instead of…do you meet the claim:
,,Where are you from?", 

“You look like a typical village girl. I can really imagine how you milk the cows in the morning. ”.


,, What do you do for a living / are you still studying? ",


“You give the impression that you are more of the artistic type. You are not interested in money and the only purpose in your life is to paint caricatures of homeless people in a marketplace. ”.


,,What are your hobbies?",


"I bet you are the kind of woman who is passionate about collecting stamps and sticking them in your album on weekends."


,,How old are you actually?",


"Are you allowed to drink alcohol at all?" or

"You're already way too old for me."



This is how you give your conversation that certain something! She wonders how you come up with your allegations and of course wants to justify herself if you are completely wrong.

So you see that we challenge and also tease the woman.

Of course, these statements can also be formulated more simply. You can also try to formulate your observations as precisely as possible and conclude many things correctly. But that borders on Sherlock Holmes and is more like that “Next Level”.

Feel free to make inappropriate statements about yourself. It gets interesting when you label a lawyer as a hippi artist ...

Flirt tip for advanced users:

Make a false statement about a woman's origins. In any case, name a country that doesn't really suit her at all. If she's blonde and more of a Swedish body length, you could say she looks Central African.

Important: don't forget your smile! With this you make it clear to her that your statements are teasing and not meant too seriously.

"I can't say that to a beautiful, stylish woman."

If you think so, just follow my next tip.

Tip 4: seek the tension (the friendzone killer)

If you are the way I used to be, then you are often only for women thenice boy next door (and that happens to many men).

No wonder. I already touched on it above: In society and in all Hollywood romantic comedies, we are taught that we should always treat women extremely kindly.

Flap open.

If you fulfill all her wishes to your dream woman, carry her in your hands, constantly shower with lovingly tied bouquets of roses and send her chocolates with the most romantic letters, one day she will come to the realization that YOU are YOUR Mr. Right after all.

Cut, end.

The reality is different: With this behavior you stay, Mr. Nice Guy ”. A helpful boy who can just dance on the nose.

(Read this article if you want to know how to REALLY drive women crazy.)

After all, she only needs to snap her fingers once and hey presto you're there to meet the needs of the lovely maiden like a henchman.

So why is it so difficult to create tension after all this brainwashing in society?

It's very simple: we want to avoid uncomfortable feelings or uncomfortable situations at all costs. We have got used to comfort and don't want to take any risks.

This leads to the fact that we are already practically are allergic to any form of tension.

This is one of the reasons why you end up in the friend zone again and again.

The word "attraction" actually describes it: IT'S about tension here.

Without tension, a woman can never be attracted to you.

How would you like it if a roller coaster ride only goes straight ahead?

Probably so predictable and boring that you would fall asleep doing it.

Take your chosen one on a roller coaster ride that she will not forget:

Be her ticket to the most exciting ride of her life and let her feel both positive and negative emotions!

"Women just love assholes." - You have probably been confronted with this cliché before.

Now between us: No, you don't have to be an asshole to seduce women.

What you can take on from an asshole, however, are its attractive qualities. You can stay YOU and do not have to transform yourself into an unsympathetic, ego-driven and narcissistic full assi. 😉

For example, an "asshole" dares to tease her.

This will certainly feel unfamiliar to you at first, but gradually it will become a habit - part of your charisma.

"But what is the best way to tease a woman?"

I'll show you in my next tip.

Tip 5: Flirt until you drop

At your work or among your fellow students, there are certainly very charismatic men among others. It seems as if all women are flown to them. The women are just crazy about them.

What are they doing differently than you?

They stand in one constant flirting behavior, with both men and women.

To anticipate one thing: No, that does not mean that you are constantly trying to get into bed with both sexes (at least in most cases) ...

"Flirting" always sounds like trying to turn on someone. There is a completely different meaning behind this little word:

Flirting means teasing and challenging someone over and over again.

Make it your way of life. Flirt all the time. With EVERYONE AND EVERYONE.

We call one aspect of flirting that you can create tremendous attraction with "Push / Pull".

You tease the person as often as you can and push them away (push). Occasionally, however, you will say something positive again, for example by giving her a compliment (pull).

That makes the conversation a lot livelier.

"You're really cute when you look that angry."

“You look as innocent as angels. You can admit that you are secretly pursuing a career as a kickboxer. "

If she changes her glass frequently from one hand to the other:

"You don't have obsessional neurosis, do you?"

If she is annoying:

"Are you always so exhausting for being such a personable village mouse?"

“I think your dress is really adorable, my grandmother used to wear it too. I absolutely loved it. "

"I bet you are a real wolf in a sheep's dress who is looking around to see what type of prey she will take home with her today."

When she says something completely random:

"Oh how cute, you are probably trying to wrap me around your little finger."

Tip 6: See your friends as your "co-pilots"

You see this beautiful woman. But she is in the middle of a group - what now?

Unfortunately, it is very rare that a hot woman is completely alone in a bar or club. She is often out with a friend or two (or even a larger group).

Most men see their girlfriends as one obstacle.

They try to lure the woman away from their group only to vain for her attention.

However, a woman will ALWAYS choose her friends first instead of for a strange guy who hagg on her.

Use this knowledge to your advantage.

Do it like Barney Stinson: choose your Robin, your co-pilot, and fly home with her to success!

Gain the sympathy of her friends while you tease and challenge your chosen one.

You don't have to flirt with her friends. Just be kind to them. That is completely sufficient.

Once you've won their approval, they'll give you the time and space you need to get closer to your wife.

I recently spoke to a woman who was traveling with a large group. Because I had become friends with their friends, they offered me to go to another bar with them.

One of her best friends was into women. As her "co-pilot", I actually helped her get another woman in the bar clear ...

As the night progressed, the friends ended up being so taken with me that they insisted I go to my hotel room with the woman I found so sexy.

What an unforgettable night ...

Do you see the co-pilots? Let them help you fly into a hot adventure!

Tip 7: There is strength in calm

In our coaching sessions, we also have many men who already have good theoretical knowledge and who dare to approach women.

But there is one crucial thing I have to draw your attention to again and again:

Do everything 2x quieter than usual.

If you are too enthusiastic, you can run away and act too impulsively:

  • You speak too quickly and don't take breaks
  • Your body control decreases, you move jerkily and uncontrollably

A woman can tell from the way you talk and move about how good sex is with you.

That sounds crazy, I know.

But what do you mean, how a woman imagines sex with you if you spit like Kollegah in double time and move so uncontrollably as if you were having sex with an electrical outlet?


She expects uncontrolled, rabbit-like sex with you that starts as quickly as it goes because all the behaviors you reveal to her simply don't suggest anything else.

But in order to give a woman an intense orgasm, you have to give her her Quiet can offer.

Therefore, approach the matter in a controlled and calm manner.

  • Take pauses between your words
  • Speak slowly and clearly
  • Carry out your movements calmly

Tip 8: create shared memories

Make her feel like you've known each other for ages. So she feels really comfortable with you and can imagine the weirdest fantasies with you.

Talk to her about the things you have already experienced together. If you've only just got to know each other, you can also go into what you are doing right now.

Start with:

"Do you know / do you still remember ..."

Let's say you're dancing with her right now:

“Do you remember the moment when we first met? We were dancing tightly together when we looked in love in the eyes ... our song was played [name the song you are listening to].”

You can go one better:

"... then we kissed passionately". In the best case scenario, this should then initiate the actual kiss. 😉

Because of the emotional escalation, this works particularly well.

You can do one future memory to describe your next situation.

Here's an example:

“We're going on vacation to Ibiza together. Together we tan on the beach and watch the sunset ... You look at me in love while we are served iced cocktails ... "

So you create shared memories in her head that didn't even take place. You make her feel something and paint her a vivid picture.

Try it out - you'll be surprised how attractive she'll find it!

You can also use this method to describe the date you would like to have with her in a particularly interesting way. This will make it easier to take her out on a date after you've swapped numbers.

Tip 9: take two steps forward and one step back

"Our conversation is going really well, but how do I start kissing her?"

I am also asked this question every day.

It is not surprising either.


Let's look at the mistake our standard Mr. Nice Guy makes.

He never touches her during the conversation.

If you've had an incredibly good conversation with her for an hour, but haven't touched a single time, then most likely she won't want to kiss you either.


Because you're treating them like a cactus that you don't want to hurt yourself on.

So how is she supposed to get used to your body contact when you aren't touching her?

So: touch them as early as possible during your conversation.

Here's an example of how you can get closer to her without making it look weird:

  • First touch her "innocently" - like a friend of yours.
  • If she reacts positively to your touch, you carry on. For example, touch her shoulders.
  • Get her used to your touch. If she continues to respond positively, get even closer: stroke her on her back or over her hands and arms.
  • For example, teach her a dance with your hands on her waist.
  • Slowly slide your hands onto her hips and look deep into her eyes as you smile.

What would be the next, logical step?

Spot on. The kiss.

However, as you continue to touch, be sure to pay attention to how she reacts.

You to to lead, is one of the most attractive qualities of a sex worthy man,

If you just sit back and wait, firstly you can wait ages for her to take the first step and secondly you lose enormous attraction because you do not fit the role of an attractive, sex-worthy man.

Therefore, you should do the following:

  • Make physical contact every now and then.
  • If she's tense to your touch, you step off the gas and take a step back to give her space.
  • Then you take two steps forward again and touch her. Always pay attention to their reaction to see if you can move on.

Look out for it Signalsthat she gives you when she no longer feels comfortable with you being close to your body. Should you perceive her, take a big step back and gradually build up closeness to her again.

Tip 10: Trigger a kinship feeling in her

If you use the following tip as I show you, she will be very attracted to you and you will develop an unmistakable connection to one another.

With Attraction alone is not enough. Even if she's already fantasizing about having wild and sweaty sex with you, you can trust in you still missing. She misses the feeling that it is okay to take the next step with you.

The moment you swap your numbers, she may think you're an attractive man.

But what is missing is one emotional connectionto want to see you again.

So (as soon as she finds you attractive enough) you should deeper connection build up to her.

But how do you do it?

It's simple: Instead of just asking her about boring facts about something, you find out WHY she's doing something. You ask her about hers Motifs.

Imagine she tells you that she is a dancer. Most men then ask:

"What music do you like?"

"Which dance style do you like?"

"Do you take dance lessons?"

This probably sounds very familiar to you. These questions are only scratching the surface of the iceberg.

She switches to autopilot. There are also only 08/15 answers to 08/15 questions.

Only when you start to ask them about their motivations do you dive into the depths of the iceberg.

  • "What do you like so much about it?"
  • "How did you get into dancing and what does it mean for you?"
  • "Why is it so exciting for you?"
  • "Has that always been a passion of yours?"

With these questions, she will be surprised that you ask her and open up to you. You dive into the 90% of the hidden iceberg, take off your mask and as soon as you tell about your passions, you build a strong, emotional bond with each other.

She won't be able to wait to see you again then. 😉

Tip 11: stay tuned

Unfortunately, there is no magic trick to become the womanizer persecuted by women overnight.

The secret recipe for success with women is: TRY IT.

If you don't just lapse into mental masturbation over theory and apply the tips from our articles, you will be surprised how quickly your life will turn 180 °.

So you don't have to work for years to become phenomenal with women like me.

You can benefit from my mistakes and my countless experiences with attractive women and extremely shorten your learning curve, as long as you of course also try everything that we show you in our articles. 😉

May the force be with you.


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