How do I apply for the application?

How do I apply correctly? Successful application!

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How do I apply correctly? This is the question facing many job seekers who have already sent several unsuccessful applications and are still responding to an invitation to a personal one job interview waiting. But before you become desperate and spoil your chances of finding dream positions with a bad application, you should rather find out how the perfect application should look like. In this way you not only save your own nerves, but also get one of the coveted jobs much faster.

Here's the answer to the question: How do I apply correctly?

How do I apply correctly: structure, content and design

The Structure of the application is crucial: the application typically begins with a personal one letter of applicationon which the curriculum vitae and the Investments consequences. Many applicants nowadays also use a cover sheet on which, for example, the application photo can be placed attractively. A letter of motivation, also known as a third party, is particularly popular today for applications for (dual) study places or creative professions in which the company is interested in the applicants' personal motivation or ability to express this.

The following applies to the content: Applicants should take their time and prepare each application individually and personally for the individual job advertisements. Recognize experienced recruiters Bulk letters immediately - and mercilessly sort out. in the letter of application you should therefore address both the specifics of the company and your own motivation.

In front "How do I apply correctly?"So the question is"Why am I applying to this company in particular?

The answer to this question is great for an optimal introductory sentence. Subsequently, it can be shown briefly and concisely that you have the skills and qualifications that are required in the advertisement. It is important to always include evidence and show when you have acquired and used these skills.

In addition to the content, there is also that design and layout important for the application. When you apply, your eyes also eat. But be careful: many applicants exaggerate and choose very colorful designs with symbols, graphics and details. That might look good and make sense for studying design. But for the vast majority of applications, a classic and well-structured application design is a far better choice.

How do I apply correctly? React correctly

If your application didn't work out, you shouldn't despair. Cancellations are part of the Application process in addition - and almost no one receives an invitation and acceptance for the job directly on their first application.

After a negative answer, work is called for instead. Failure analysis is at the top of the list. Why was it canceled? Of course, you can ask the company yourself and ask for constructive criticism. Smaller companies in particular are friendly in this area and actually give hints as to why it did not fit. But it is more important to go back to the old documents yourself.

Did the job posting not fit your profile? Is the cover letter really personal and specific enough? Is your own qualification mentioned in the application letter? Is the résumé complete and clear? And: is the application error-free?

Nothing hurts an application more than spelling and grammatical errors: This is the no-go number 1 and a reason for an immediate rejection. Who in the written application Makes mistakes, could also work improperly at work - at least that's the tenor of the HR manager.

Conclusion: Despite rejections, you should definitely not bury your head in the sand. Instead, troubleshooting is the order of the day so that the next application is more successful and you are not faced with the question again: How do I apply correctly?

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