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The procedure against the streaming portal is not going as the media industry and authorities have imagined. There is still no trace of the main suspects and it has not even been possible to shut down the site itself. Despite years of investigations, the prosecutors are apparently either unclear where exactly the servers are located on which the page is hosted, or they have not yet been able to initiate legal proceedings in the country in question. According to a report in the weekly newspaper Zeitsoll, the trace in the present case leads to a hoster who is in the company register in the British Virgin Islands. But there are also indications that the site is hiding in a network that is operated and used by organized crime in Russia.

Rumors also speak of the fact that the authorities deliberately left the site online and switched so-called honeypots. This would mean waiting specifically for users of the platform in order to be able to prosecute them. However, this is very unlikely, as it would contradict all previous procedures and criminal prosecution of the user would not necessarily be promising.

The two main suspects from northern Germany could possibly bring more precise information about what is currently going on behind the scenes. But here we are talking about the fact that they already went abroad in the summer. The question arises here as to whether they already had concrete evidence that the authorities were already close to their necks.

It is noticeable, however, that the operators have not yet spoken directly about the current events. On the home page there is still only an opinion on the previous blocking order to the Austrian provider.

The development of the last few days basically makes two things clear: The portal is apparently operated with a certain amount of criminal energy. The providers are no longer the environment of release groups that still refer to freedom of information. Rather, it's about making money, as the reports of violent attacks on competitors show.

The fact that the portal can have such great success - including financial ones - is also due to the fact that the media industry in this country still does not even begin to meet the needs of consumers. Although some large legal streaming services are now vying for the favor of customers, this is more of a godsend if you can find up-to-date content. This is different in the US, where, for example, series episodes are available on Netflix immediately after they are broadcast on television. Infographic: The situation with online videosStreaming portal, video streaming,

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