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MacBooks stolen and sold for millions

In California, a pair of siblings is said to have managed to earn a lot of money with stolen Apple products for over a decade. Patricia C. was employed at a private university in Silicon Valley - according to media reports it was Stanford - and is said to have ordered more MacBooks since at least 2009 than were actually needed by her institute. Initially alone and later together with her brother, these were then sold on the Internet, for example via the advertising portal Craigslist, according to the responsible public prosecutor.

PayPal bills as evidence

At her institute, C. had the task of purchasing replacement devices for employees who were entitled to a new Apple notebook every three years. She regularly ordered additional hardware without the institute's management first noticing. After the sale via Craigslist, C. professionalized the business, the prosecutors said.

She worked with several buyers, including PayPal bills that law enforcement officers could now use as evidence. Six years ago, C. began a collaboration with her brother Eric C., who in turn resold the MacBooks through a man who was found again via Craigslist and who also shipped the hardware to other US states.

Earned millions - a decade unnoticed

A total of 800 MacBooks are said to have been acquired, stolen and resold over the decade, according to the responsible US attorney McGregor W. Scott. This brought together around 2.3 million US dollars in revenue. The university paid over $ 4 million for the products. Patricia C. now faces up to ten years in prison and a six-figure fine. Your brother faces up to five years in prison and a fine of the same amount.

It is unclear why the university, which is considered to be the top institution in Silicon Valley, only noticed the disappeared but still paid computers after a decade. The investigators gained access to text messages between Eric C. and a buyer, among other things. In some cases, he wanted to purchase significantly more devices than the two siblings could offer. "I would literally buy 100," he wrote there. (bsc)

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