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Safety in Bali vacation

Compared to many other destinations in Indonesia, the safety of tourists is very important here and is therefore not considered dangerous and as a very safe travel destination for a Bali vacation and for Bali travel. The reason for this is primarily the mentality of the Balinese, but also the presence of the security forces. Current statistics show that the crime rate in 2014 and 2015 was incredibly low. Despite everything, it doesn't hurt if you pay attention to one or the other point of safety on your trip, because even if Bali is safe, there are sometimes dangers lurking for tourists that you can easily avoid on your trip.


Due to their mentality and culture, Balinese people are in need of harmony and peace-loving - as is common for Hindus. The main principle is to avoid arguments. That's why the locals are very friendly, open and courteous. The terrorist attacks in Kuta in 2002 and 2005 shook the island and security measures have been extremely strict ever since. Security forces and the government are also taking decisive action against terrorist networks. However, special dangers lurk for tourists during the Christian holidays. Piracy is still a current issue in the areas of Malacca and the South China Sea.

Earthquakes and natural disasters

Indonesia is located on the Pacific Ring of Fire and therefore an active earthquake zone. Earthquakes shake the region again and again and it is therefore possible that you experience first hand that the earth shakes. Many volcanoes are still active on the island of volcanic origin, but only very few pose a real threat. Nevertheless, if an earthquake occurs, you should leave the building in which you are. Move away quickly and be sure to follow the instructions given by the staff, who usually know exactly what to do. Tsunamis are another problem, but modern hotels in Bali and Indonesia are equipped with so-called tsunami warning systems. The systems send a message well in advance so that guests and staff can get themselves out of reach.

Bali's traffic

The traffic cannot even come close to what you know from Germany. This is because the security standard is completely different. But also because the risk awareness is much lower. As in Germany, you should comply with the traffic rules as much as possible. Mainly because otherwise you run the risk of being involved in an accident. Also, because you definitely shouldn't allow yourself to get into trouble with the Bali's police. It is absolutely not to be trifled with. Accidents are actually absolutely common. If this seems too dangerous to you, then let yourself be driven and minimize the risk of an accident in this way.


Drug possession and trafficking are strictly prohibited. Obviously, getting drugs is not a challenge. However, the government is fighting drug abuse with all means and is relying on draconian penalties, up to the death penalty (As of 2014). In addition, you run the risk that you as a tourist will either receive ineffective herbs or even adulterated drugs that are ultimately harmful to your health. Therefore, for your own safety on vacation: Stay away from drugs!

Women traveling alone

The need for security should be relatively great, especially for women who are unaccompanied, and they can breathe a sigh of relief: Bali is very safe even for women alone. No question about it, there are certainly the beach boys here too who try to find a European friend with a clever saying. As a single woman, you should be aware that you have to expect one or the other pick-up. Beyond that, however, it is not dangerous. If you need help, you can rely on the helpfulness of the locals.

Safety precautions

The Indonesian dream island is fully justified as a safe travel destination, in principle you do not need to take great safety precautions. It is sufficient if you inquire about current events at the Federal Foreign Office before leaving Germany and get a picture of the current situation. Otherwise the usual measures apply. Always carry money and valuables on your body, avoid drugs and alcohol and take special care when dealing with large crowds. Apart from that, it is a dream paradise with no great dangers. Larger sums of cash and jewelry belong in the hotel safe. In many hotels you will find your own room safe, in some hotels only a safe at the reception. Use it!

important addresses

Should it ever happen that you need help, you will find attached the most important emergency numbers, under which you can quickly reach the right contact person. In addition, there are always contacts in the hotel who speak English. You don't need to worry about medical care either. Bali in Indonesia can give you a feeling of security, especially since in case of doubt you can always rely on the help of the locals, because willingness to help is a matter of course.

  • Fire department: 113
  • Ambulance: 118
  • Police: 110

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