What do we learn in Pharm D.

Certificate course "Clinical Pharmacy"


Section 1: approx. 50 questions: multiple-choice questions with 4 possible answers a) to d), one of which is correct and three are incorrect, as well as short open-ended questions in which short key words are expected as answers.

Section 2: 6 detailed text questions (with several sub-items) on the case studies presented. Four of these questions should be selected and answered.


The multiple choice and short questions are created by the lecturers with the assistance of the course secretariat. In addition, MC questions from the London School of Pharmacy, which has offered and offers similar courses and cooperates with us, are used. The questions in section 2 are prepared by the speakers and tutors and summarized by the course secretariat. The examination committee evaluates the examination with regard to its validity and the level of difficulty.


In section 1 there is a plus point for a correctly ticked answer or
Awarded 1/4 minus point for an incorrectly ticked answer in the multiple choice questions. Two points are awarded for short, open questions that are fully answered. In the case of seriously incorrect answers to this type of question, up to half a minus point can be awarded. 50% of the points achieved in this section are included in the total number of points.

For section 2, 25 points are awarded per task, for a total of 100 points. These are included in the overall result with 50%.

The pass limit for a successful result in the exam is 50%.
Sections 1 and 2 are scored in equal parts and the mean is calculated from them. Both in section 1 and in section 2, however, at least a result of 40% must be achieved, which can then be balanced with at least 60% in the other section. If the result in one of the two sections is below 40%, it is not possible to pass the exam even with a very high result in the other section by equalizing.

If you fail, the next opportunity to repeat the written exam is the final course exam of the following year. After failing for the first time, you have a total of two repetition options for this exam. The course must be completed within 5 years, i.e. if you participate in the theoretical part of the course in 2020, the last possibility for an exam is in February 2025 (exam for the course 2024). In the case of well-founded applications, the examination committee can allow a later written examination.

In order to identify gaps, the course secretariat will give the candidate the number of points achieved in both sections and information on weaknesses on request. The examination can only be viewed by the examination committee.

Date and place

The final exam will probably take place
on February 26, 2021
Location: University of Tübingen
Morgenstelle lecture hall center

This is followed by a Follow-up meeting, possibly with interested tutors and speakers, which should offer the opportunity to discuss the course of the course and to present the results of the course (patient presentations).

Afterwards there is still the possibility to go out to eat together.