What are the sites for learning science

Is digital learning in demand?

In this digital information format you can find out more about the status quo of the device initiative "Digital Learning" as well as information about Main topic Mobile Device Management (MDM).

You then have the opportunity to address your open questions to those responsible for the initiative at the BMBWF, as well as to the expert lecturing on the main topic.

This format is deliberately freely designed to give space for precisely those questions that are currently on your mind and to shed light on current topics in the project.

The course of the event will be as follows:

  • Presentation of digital learning status quo
  • Input on a main topic (changes from appointment to appointment)
  • Time for your questions

Would you like to claim your attendance at the webinar as teacher training time? It's that easy:

  • Make sure that you are enrolled at the PH Upper Austria (you can read how it works here),
  • when registering for the webinar, tell us the school where you teach,
  • When you register, please allow us to forward your data to PH OÖ and
  • fill out the participation form yourself at the event (you will receive more information about this directly at the event).

You can register for the webinar using this link.