Which companies donate to local school programs

FAQ - Sponsoring Basics




What are donations?

Donations are expenditures (things / goods) that have a monetary or monetary value that are made voluntarily, i.e. without legal obligation and free of charge, i.e. without consideration, to promote purposes recognized as charitable for tax purposes. The recipients of donations, which can be made by companies or natural persons, are usually non-profit institutions and legal entities under public law or public agencies.


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What does sponsorship mean?

One speaks of sponsoring when companies provide money or monetary benefits to support groups, people and / or organizations in sporting, cultural, church, school, scientific, ecological, social or similarly important socio-political areas. The sponsoring companies are essentially pursuing the goals of public relations and advertising. School sponsorship is the project or goal-oriented collaboration between companies and schools. As a rule, the school receives fixed financial or material allowances from the company; The company benefits from the communication about this partnership through the school, through its own public relations work and through reporting in the media. Characteristics of sponsorship are performance and consideration, agreements on common goals and a certain duration of the partnership.


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How do you become a sponsor of a school?

Assuming that I want to offer a cash or non-cash benefit, I am looking for a school that can already offer a lot in terms of consideration or has the corresponding development potential (see school search), then I contact the school management or the support association and try to clarify mutual interests. Of course, I can first speak to the school authority, i.e. the school administration office or the office of the (mayor) or the district administrator.
It is essential to define the goals or, even better, the joint project and the services of both partners. When the (written) agreement has been checked by the school authority, the communication strategy should be defined before the project is started. With the signing of the agreement by the school and sponsor, both begin their partnership.


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What is the difference between school sponsorship and advertising?

School sponsorship means responsibility and partnership within the framework of a project-oriented or long-term cooperation between the company and the school. The company supports a specific project or the implementation of the school program; it benefits from the communication about the project or the partnership as such. There is no direct advertising for a product.


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Which sponsorship services are conceivable?

Sponsorship can be provided in the form of financial or material benefits. The transfer of know-how by staff can also be a valuable help for the school and the sponsor in realizing their respective goals.


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What services can schools provide for sponsors?

Schools offer an ideal communication platform - in the school community, in the local press and on local radio. Reporting on school events is positive and is perceived by the parents and children of the "affected" school in the same way as by those of the schools that are not involved, because there the question applies: "We could have that too, couldn't we?"


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What must or should the school authority consider when providing sponsorship?

The school authority should attach importance to a written agreement between the partners for sponsoring measures; this enables him to conduct a legal review of the project. If additional hardware comes into the school as a result of the sponsorship services, this should be included in the inventory documentation and reported to the persons or institutions responsible for IT maintenance. Teachers who are responsible for 1st level support should receive the appropriate instruction. In the case of used hardware that is supplied as a service in kind, it must be checked whether its benefit exceeds the associated maintenance and disposal costs. In addition, the school authority should ensure that a "competition" for sponsors does not result in an inequality of opportunities within its area of ​​responsibility. However, every control on the part of the school authority should also ensure that successful schools are not "punished" for their activities and that they will receive less equipment or resources in the future. It is difficult to strike a balance between equal opportunities and incentive systems for soliciting sponsors. Perhaps that is precisely why school authorities and companies need "round tables" or "local forums" in which this problem is discussed at the local level.


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What is the connection between the school program or school profile and sponsoring?

Since sponsoring characterizes the cooperation between the school and an external partner in connection with a project or with the realization of goals from the school program, every sponsoring project should be understood as part of the development of a school profile. Sponsoring is then part of the school program in terms of its substance and the associated communication strategy.


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How do I check a potential sponsor?

The first examination of a sponsorship offer can initially focus on a few questions:

Is the sponsored offer worthwhile for the school? How great is the benefit? How complex is the implementation? What consideration is expected from the school? Does the sponsor expect exclusive rights or do other sponsors have chances at this school? Are there follow-up costs for benefits in kind? Is advertising expected from the school? If so, in which form?


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As a company, how do I find a suitable school? - School search

Given that I want to offer a cash or non-cash contribution, I am looking for a school that can already offer a lot in terms of consideration or that has the corresponding development potential. Criteria could be

the level of awareness of the school or the image in the local environment the school as the center of a school community and thus a communication network the school's events for pupils and parents the cooperation of the school with extracurricular institutions the presence of a school newspaper, a homepage, a school portal the existence of a support association

If a school does not yet meet these criteria, it can be equally attractive for sponsors and the school to set out as a partner on the way to a "school in the (communication) network of the school community". The name of the sponsor is then increasingly "transported" with the name of the school.


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Why do companies sponsor in the school sector?

With a commitment in the school sector, companies document their social responsibility. In addition, there are concrete advantages for the company through a target group-appropriate communication strategy that uses the link between the "positive occupation" of the sponsorship services and the name of the company. Image enhancement in the communication network of the school and the community can be achieved continuously. The company is in conversation and present in the local media with school events. If a company attaches importance to this, it can also enter into the selection of candidates for apprenticeships or student programs by offering internships.


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Doesn't sponsoring impair equal opportunities for schools and pupils?

Schools have different conditions for receiving support from third parties; This is particularly evident in the performance of the development associations for schools, which not least depend on the type of school and the catchment area of ​​the school. Since sponsoring is geared towards a goal and is designed around a project or the realization of goals, such goals can be defined for all types of schools. Nevertheless, inequality can arise in the catchment area of ​​a school authority; here solutions, agreements must be discussed and sought at the level of the headmaster's conference or at a "round table" between companies and schools.


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What role does the development association play in sponsoring?

The sponsoring association can be both the initiator and the "administrator" of sponsoring services at a school. Close cooperation with the school management and the school authority is important. Under this premise, an active development association for a sponsor simultaneously signals the activity of the school community, i.e. the school can be very attractive for a sponsor from 9 communication points of view. However, an active sponsoring association does not replace the factual and legal requirements for sponsorship agreements.


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Who decides on the admissibility and acceptance of a sponsorship offer?

The decision on the admissibility of sponsorship is made by the school principal with the consent of the school conference or the school authority.