What are the advantages of soundproofing


Soundproofing is an important issue in the design of interiors and contributes significantly to the atmosphere. First of all, it is important to be clear about the type of noise protection against which the protection should take place. Should noises coming from outside be muffled? Or should noise pollution of others be avoided by compensating for noises from inside rooms?

How sound is distributed in the room depends on many factors: room size, room height, partition walls and interior fittings. Individual soundproofing precautions must therefore be taken for each room.

Versatile sound insulation solutions from Wasem Trockenbau in the Neuburg, Augsburg and Ingolstadt region

By means of suitable measures tailored to the respective room, airborne, structure and footfall noise can be reduced and even avoided by means of sound insulation and sound absorption. Drywall soundproofing solutions convince with the best results from the insulation despite the low wall thickness; this is their decisive advantage over solid construction concepts.

Suitable noise protection can be a challenge in many buildings. Reliable overall solutions are particularly in demand in rooms with high demands on noise insulation. We mainly supply schools and kindergartens with noise protection systems.

Depending on the requirements, special soundproofing panels are mounted on the inside of an external wall, supplemented with additional elements in the stud work and combined with soundproof ceilings and floor coverings in order to achieve an optimal overall result.

Advantages of soundproofing with drywall systems

  • Perfectly coordinated systems
  • Can be flexibly adapted to all requirements
  • Low wall thickness
  • Can be retrofitted and converted

Put the sound insulation in your rooms in the hands of Wasem drywall.