How do I get a 4x4 car

The cheapest all-wheel drive in Austria

November 2018

Anyone looking for an affordable new car with all-wheel drive is not exactly faced with oversupply. But they do exist, the affordable 4x4 models. Here is the auto touring overview.

The four-wheel drive density in the city centers is very high. But that's not because of the booming SUVs or the high sidewalk edges. The explanation for this: vehicles in the upper middle class upwards are often equipped with four driven wheels. With prices of more than 50,000 euros, which are difficult to afford for ordinary consumers, the additional price for all-wheel drive is no longer particularly significant.

In the case of the popular SUVs - every fourth new car falls into this category - the proportion of all-wheel-drive vehicles is usually surprisingly low. Many models are only available with front-wheel drive (e.g. Peugeot 2008, 3008 and 5008, Renault Captur, Opel Crossland X and Grandland X ...). If all-wheel drive is available, it is often only available with the most powerful engines and the best equipment. Something else is cheap.

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In the price range under 30,000 euros, all-wheel drive is not a luxury. Anyone who buys one usually really needs it.

Christian Stich, Editor

Current phenomenon: Due to the changeover to the new WLTP cycle for determining pollutants and standard consumption, these all-wheel drive vehicles have often disappeared from the price list. First of all, best-selling models were typed according to WLTP, followed later by the not-so-well-selling all-wheel drive vehicles. There are currently (as of November 16, 2018) no all-wheel drive versions of Nissan Qashqai or Renault Kadjar. At most, stock vehicles with daytime registration, but the old Euro 6b emissions standard, are still available from the dealer. The models with the current Euro 6d-Temp standard will only be available again next year.

Suzuki offers a particularly wide range for fans of inexpensive four-wheel drive vehicles. Five models are available with four-wheel drive, starting with the little Ignis. Subaru is generally an all-wheel drive specialist, there is no drive via an axle here.

What does "cheap" mean? Something different for everyone. The fact is: a hard price limit cannot really be included in the offer. The border runs fluidly, not least because new car discounts, trade-in and financing offers allow individual prices for the respective models. We have therefore expanded the selection in the table above a little. Even 5,000 euros upwards bring a completely different vehicle class into play that no longer has anything to do with small cars.

The Indian-South Korean manufacturer SsangYong is currently attempting a new start. With a completely redesigned range of models and a good price-performance ratio, he is fighting for market share.

Anyone who smiles at the cheapest all-wheel drive - the Lada Taiga or 4x4 - in our list should know that last year 122 new vehicles from the Russian manufacturer were sold in Austria.

Take Octavia, for example: a little more in terms of price, a little more in terms of consumption

The additional price for all-wheel drive for the Škoda Octavia is 2,470 euros - with the same engine and equipment. Since the 4x4 is not available with basic equipment and engines, the all-wheel drive is 5,820 euros above the basic Octavia. You also have to reckon with additional costs when it comes to consumption: the Octavia front-wheel drive with 115 PS diesel has a combined WLTP consumption of 4.5 l / 100 km, with the 4x4 the value increases to 5.1 liters. What you shouldn't save on: on winter tires. Even an all-wheel drive vehicle needs proper winter tires, especially in the wintry Alps: it almost always goes up with four-wheel drive, but it doesn't brake any differently than a front-wheel drive vehicle.

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