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"The secret is always in the simplicity"

Almost famous - Portrait of young bands: Me and Oceans

The musician and composer Fabian Schuetze searches for the minimalist essence of pop in his musical projects. On Wednesday he will celebrate the record release party for his new EP "The Pond" at Horns Erben.

In the beginning there was the word: Before Fabian Schuetze discovered songwriting for himself, he wrote poems and stories. At the headquarters of the Analogsoul label, which he co-founded, his penchant for literature is still present. There works by authors such as Kafka, Schmidt or Joyce are piled up on a high shelf. The fine film of dust on them reveals that they now only fulfill a decorative function: the 27-year-old simply lacks the time to make himself comfortable with a good book. On the one hand, this is due to his record company, where he mainly takes care of the booking and the band acquisition; on the other hand, his own musical work does not allow him to rest.

In the past four years, the reticent bearded man has been involved in fourteen releases by five different formations. »Right now I'm playing for A Forest and Me and Oceans. But there are other things that I have done or will do again in the future.« With this remark he refers to the currently dormant groups Jaara, Faar and Zweistreifen. In the recent past, you have had to lag behind A Forest's commitments. This trio combines elements of pop, jazz and electronics into unobtrusive flowing streams of sound, far from common stanza-chorus schemes. The band's musical vision is based on a basic idea that is also the focus of Fabian Schuetze's other formations: »The secret is always in simplicity - the simpler the better.« The autodidact from Jena implements this credo of reduction most consistently in his solo project Me and Oceans.

This is proven by the EP available from March 15th »The Pond«: As with the 2010 debut »Lakes« This is a compilation of introspective songs, which are mostly based on a repetitive basic figure and are enriched with the unexcited singing of the Elector Leipzig; in addition, there are flat loops and clacking samples. In addition to keyboard instruments such as a Fender Rhodes or various synthesizers, a computer therefore plays a decisive role in the implementation of the ideas. »This is all computer stuff. I have recorded everything, but it is cut up and reassembled« - with one exception: the ballad »When I Was a Dancer« Fabian Schuetze did without digital handicrafts. Instead, he let Mud Mahaka frontman Robert play this piece »Arpen« Support Seidel, who contributed the careful swabbing of the keys and a second vocal track. Arpen will also be at the live premiere of on March 7th at Horns Erben »The Pond« appear in the opening act and also take part in selected Me and Oceans songs. Following this concert, Schuetze goes on a short tour of Germany; maybe he'll find a few quiet minutes to finally be able to devote himself to a good book again.

Me and Oceans, record release party "The Pond": 7.3., Horns Erben


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