How unsanitary are cinemas

My little cinema etiquette

We all love cinema. In order to guarantee yourself and the others in the hall a perfect visit to the cinema, you have to adhere to certain rules. For this I have written down my personal cinema etiquette for you.


We all know this situation. The commercials and trailers are just over and the film is about to begin. Right at the beginning there seems to be a key scene which you definitely shouldn't miss, but at this very moment a group of 7 people are pushing past a past to get to their seats. The popcorn is taken to one side and feet are stretched out of the way. When the troublemakers have finally arrived at their place, you can concentrate on the film again. But what happened in the last 2 minutes? Meanwhile the opening credits are running and apparently the important introduction has been missed. To avoid this problem it is important to arrive on time. A delay of 15-20 minutes is not that bad in most cinemas because the advertising takes up exactly this time, but how does it say: Punctuality is the best evidence of a good upbringing.

Choice of seat

For many, this is the most important aspect. Where do I sit in the cinema to experience perfect cinema enjoyment. In general, it can be said that the seats in the center of the cinema are the most ideal. At least visually, these are the best places, as the screen can be viewed without turning your head and yet remains large enough to ensure a true large-screen experience. In addition, the eye level is usually at the center of the image, so that neither looking up nor looking down is necessary. This seating area is probably still known to the older of you as the locked seat.

Sitting position

Once you have found your place at some point, it is important to position yourself in the seat so that you do not disturb other visitors but still have enough freedom to make yourself comfortable. The 'home armchair technology' is often used for this purpose. You almost lie down in the seat so as not to stick your head out over the backrest. The feet are angled and do not touch the backrest of the person in front. It is also not appropriate to put your feet on the armrest of the person in front, even if no one is sitting there. This may be convenient, but it is still unhygienic if everyone did it that way. In addition, each seat only has one armrest and not two. One for yourself and one belongs to the person sitting next to you. Of course, this rule does not apply to couples sitting.


Many people seem to confuse going to the cinema with dinner. Before the start of the film, they stock up on popcorn barrels, cola barrels and candy bags. During the film, people smack and slurp with relish. The well-known rustling of popcorn is not neglected either. In some cinemas, currywurst and burgers are now even offered, which also ensure the optimal fast food smell. In movies like Transformers 4: Age of Fall or Fast & Furious 6, that's not bad because the plot is secondary and you don't have to concentrate on any dialogues. In addition, the background noise is so high that even popcorn rasps can no longer be heard. In films like Gravity or other quiet as well as demanding or exciting films, however, it is important to refrain from eating loudly. You can also buy popcorn etc. here, but you can only eat it in the noisy scenes or during the advertising. An absolute no-go are snacks that you have brought with you and that are still packaged, such as chips or Haribo. Every time the bag is reached, it is disturbed and that should be avoided.

Cell phones

Another problem that has increased enormously in recent years is cell phones. While it was pointed out earlier that this should be switched off in order to avoid annoying calls, there is now a completely different problem: cell phone addiction. Check the time quickly, see what's new or whether my buddy has already written to me. We constantly look at our cell phone and that is now also being used in the cinema. More and more often the actually dark cinema hall is brightened up by small points of light that only appear briefly. During a visit to the cinema there is nothing that can be as interesting as the film itself and so it shouldn't be a problem to put your own cell phone in your pocket for this time.


I recently had this problem again with Interstellar. A row in front of me sat a girl who never understood the film. So her boyfriend had to serve and offer her the explanation in sync with what happened. At first I felt sorry for him because the cinema fun was over quickly for him, but at some point the whole whispering became quite annoying. In his place I would have waited for the film and then calmly explained to her what it was all about. Of course you can comment on some places in films. I can do one thing or the other myself ''Wow, how cool is that. '' or ''What crap! '' don't resist. But even then, I'll wait a suitable moment. There are also loud and funny moments to avoid disturbing anyone. If something really bothers me then I keep it in mind until the film is over, after all you can just as easily discuss it.


Cinema is great! There are films that touch the heart, that arouse emotions, that make you laugh, cry and think, films that show new perspectives or tell a wonderful love story. Cinema is there to address emotions and to set stimuli. You can get a fit of laughter in funny films and tears roll down in drama. But then there are also people who do not understand such films and exchange these emotions. In the saddest moments they start laughing loudly and destroy the whole atmosphere. A warning 'Pschhht' always comes from somewhere, which usually only fuels this situation. So here is my special tip for such dyslexic emotions: shut up and get out of the cinema!

Of course, this is only the basic framework for a successful visit to the cinema. You are welcome to expand this list. What is important to you in the cinema, what do you pay particular attention to and what do you try to avoid?