Vegans suffer from depression

To the poor and inconclusive study from the University of Bristol:


  • There were only men examined. Examining only one gender gives biased results.
  • Of the 9668 people examined were only 350 vegetarians / vegans, so only 3.6%! It is a mystery to me how you can get reliable results here.
  • The study does not make a strict distinction between vegetarians and vegans. In the results of the study is always only from vegetarians the speech, while the press is hounding vegans.
  • No distinction is made between vegans who eat healthily and vegans who eat unhealthily. It's not uncommon for an unhealthy vegan diet to cause nutritional deficiencies as well as negative psychological consequences. However, this does not apply to a healthy, properly implemented vegan diet!
  • From a scientific point of view and for a real gain of knowledge, it makes absolutely no sense to put vegans in a group with vegetarians and not to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy vegan diet. The results therefore have no scientific validity.
  • It should also be noted that there are enough studies the vegans attest less depression and better mental health:


It is clear that now the manipulative lying press is using this flawed and inconclusive study to incite against the vegan diet: