How is IIBS College

Preparatory College


The Prep College is a 1 to 2 year preparation for studying at the Institute for Music at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences or at another German music college and is aimed at potential students who want to prepare intensively for this exam. A prerequisite for attending the prep college is a passed aptitude test.

  • For those interested who want to apply in the field of study Classics and who only attend classes at the HS beyond the main subject, the monthly school fee is € 125
  • There is currently no possibility for foreign interested parties to attend a language course as part of the Prep College. You must acquire the German language skills at level "B2" required for studying at the Institute for Music afterwards at the Prep College during your time at the Prep College. Proof of this must be provided.

How does prep college work?

  1. Please print out the form below and send it completed to the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, Institute for Music, Caprivistr. 1, 49076 Osnabrück.
    (If you have already registered for the aptitude test, please inform the examiners in the respective examinations about your request with regard to the prep college)
  2. Your application will be checked
  3. You will be invited to the proficiency test
  4. After you have passed the aptitude test, you will receive a notification of how to proceed.

Contact person for content-related questions: Prof. Hauko Wessel, [email protected]