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Now I've made something again 😉. The celery was in our garden until recently, it can withstand the cold (although it wasn't that cold anyway) and still grows a bit in late autumn.

This year - despite the drought - we had a good celery harvest. I have to admit, it's always bigger in the shop, but I'm still happy to have my own “little” celery from the garden. I just know what I have 😀. The harvest was enough to make a couple of glasses of delicious carrot and celery salad.
If you don't want to preserve it, you can of course prepare this recipe fresh at any time. Simply blanch the salad briefly in a saucepan instead of pouring it into glasses and steaming it in the oven.

Recipe for about 5 large glasses

  • 0.5 kg of carrots
  • 1 kg of celery
  • 3 tbsp salt
  • approx. 1 l pickling vinegar
  • 2 tbsp sweetness (e.g. birch sugar)
  • 5 tbsp neutral oil (e.g. rapeseed oil)


Wash and peel the carrots and celery and cut into fine julienne strips. It's a little more work than grating the vegetables, but it pays off 😉. Then mix the vegetables well and pour them into clean glasses. Gently heat the pickled vinegar with the oil, dissolve the salt in it and pour over the vegetables. Caution: leave 1-2cm free from the edge! Close the jars tightly, if necessary clean them again beforehand with a clean kitchen roll, if you spilled something while filling - as I did 🙈. Now boil the salad in a water bath in the oven at 170 ° C for about 30 minutes. It is ready when small bubbles rise in the glass. Then switch off the oven and let the glasses cool down in it (preferably overnight).

If, as already mentioned, you don't want to boil down the salad but rather prepare it fresh, you have to sauté the julienne cut vegetables in vinegar with water, oil, salt and sugar at a little bit firm, let them cool and season to taste. A delicious, healthy, winter salad alternative is ready.

I like it:

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