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Successful at home and abroad

Verden district. Two games, two wins. In the women's handball national class, TSV Morsum and TV Oyten III can look back on a successful weekend. Morsum turned his game at TuS Komet-Arsten II in the final phase, Oyten's third-party representation prevailed against TS Woltmershausen at home.

TV Oyten III - TS Woltmershausen 34:25 (15:11): Five out of six - the rate of the seven meters saved was impressive for Oyten's goalkeeper Sünje Böll. Against the guests from the Hanseatic city of Bremen, their team played "relaxed" over long stretches of the encounter, said Merle Blumenthal. Woltmershausen only got better into the game, explained the TVO trainer, when her seven took her foot off the accelerator. At 10: 9 (20th) from the Oytener's point of view, the Bremen women shortened again, after which the home team finally pulled away. When Jaane Buschmann scored for the hosts at 10:15 p.m., the preliminary decision had been made. At this point, 43 minutes had been played in the Pestalozzihalle. With the third win in a row, Oyten’s third-party representation has consolidated its place in the middle of the table. 14:14, seventh place - this is the balance sheet for the Blumenthal-seven, who are still unbeaten this year, into the last eight games of the season.

TuS Comet Arsten II - TSV Morsum 20:25 (13:12): For 50 minutes, the favored guests ran after a deficit in the bottom light of the league from Bremen. He no longer believed in a happy ending, admitted TSV coach Timo Lütje. In the end, however, the second in the table managed to turn things around with a switch to a 5: 1 defense with Lena Meding as the early sturgeon. Kathrin Höher brought the Morsum women into the lead for the first time with her goal at 20:19 (52nd). After that, TSV played time penalties against Arstens Julia Klußmann and Marina Albers. With 120 seconds to go, Meding scored the 23:20. Lisa Gagelmann and Anna Lefers then made the final score. In the upcoming home game against SVGO Bremen, his seven must increase, warns Timo Lütje. Against the sixth in the table, Lütje can plan again with Denise Schwarz and Alina Mielczarek. Both backcourt players had missed the current encounter. Without the duo, TSV Morsum fell behind with three goals in phases at 6: 9 (18th) and 9:12 (24th).