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W.Why a Christian distances himself from the Wicca cult

Further information: Rev. Andreas Schreiner: Faith in witches and Satanism.

1. Since the mid-30s of this century, starting in England, a modern, magical-occult witch movement developed, which is particularly widespread among the petty bourgeoisie. The Wicca cult, which, in contrast to Christianity, is a matriarchal form of religion with a high priestess at the head of each group or tribe, is based on the historical witches. The members, who see themselves as descendants of the medieval witches, call themselves witches or sorcerers and try to worship the mother goddess in cultic acts.

2. "You shouldn't have any other gods besides me" is the name of the ten commandments that God revealed to Moses. The "Idolatry"discovers the catechism"in the false cults of paganism". Every form of superstition says the world catechism (No. 2111) "is a derailment of religious feeling and the actions to which it obliges.

3. The Catechism strongly condemns everyone "Practices of magic and sorcery, with which one wants to subjugate secret powers in order to place them in one's service and to gain supernatural power over others - be it also to bring them health - seriously violate the virtue of worship . Such acts are even more condemnable if they are accompanied by the intention to harm others or if they attempt to attract demons. Wearing amulets is also reprehensible. Spiritism is often associated with divination or magic. That is why the Church warns believers against it. The use of so-called natural healing powers neither justifies invoking evil forces nor exploiting the good faith of others. " (No. 2117)

4. It becomes clear that there can be no common ground between Christianity and the so-called "Wicca cult", which comes together to worship pagan idols. Our ancestors, who first came into contact with the gospel of Jesus Christ between the 4th and 8th centuries, were taught by Irish Scottish and Anglo-Saxon monks who performed admirably. One of the greatest among them was Boniface. (754 slain near Dokkum in Friesland with 52 companions because of his belief). They have all drawn unmistakably sharp dividing lines between pagan cults and Christian sacraments and sacramentals.

5. The message of Jesus is and was an answer for the people of our culture, it was light and power to find our way out of the cold and dark world of superstition, demonic horrors and impersonal gods.

6. Neo-pagan and special religious communities shed significant light on our social situation. An old priest commented on this with the words: "It is interesting what people believe when they no longer believe anything".

7. I cordially invite you to accept the gift of redemption through Christ Jesus, to walk the path of faith with the assistance of the Holy Spirit and to worship God, the Father of all people. He "wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth" (1 Tim 2: 3-4).

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The churches fail, the sects thrive. Article by Eugen Drewermann in the S├╝ddeutsche Zeitung No. 137 (from June 17/18, 1995, page 10)

Rev. Stefan Kr├Ânung


Soon, regularly and in different forms and politeness, these pages bring reactions. Some are documented here.

(...) You automatically refer witchcraft to Satanism.
Well I have to say Wicca do NOT believe in any way in jesus christ or catolism by myself.
Satan was invented by you Christians and is Christian well, I also admit that there are evil gods, but there must also be those to keep the balance of nature in a wagon.
The belief in witches has been in this world since that time and as noted, the Catholic Church has copied a lot from it since the Christian belief is still relatively young.
What I do not see, however, was in the 18th century. the WITCH CURNINGS took place * mourning * that were carried out by you Christians.
Therefore I hate you Christians sosher !!!!
But I do not curse you the one rule in witch belief says everything you spend (on magic, witchcraft) you get 3 times back.
Therefore we are also good-natured witches and witches "white witches"
Unfortunately there are also black witches among us who, however, have no experience with fashion witches.
We witches don't mix in your religion so let us know your religions you started with the burning of witches.
The Wicca cult is free because our motto is "Do what you want, as long as you don't harm it"
In this sense I would nevertheless like to wish you all the best and be blessed in the name of the goddess Diana may she come to you reasonably.

Joey, "Wiccan High Priest" via Email 1/18/99

(...) Wicca do not invoke EVIL powers or prey on those who believe in good faith
out. "They don't seem to know the rule of three:" All
your work will be returned to you three times, be it good or bad. "
Or they didn't understand. Calling evil forces would only be
lead to three bad things happening to you yourself. And a real one
Wicca doesn't even take money for an education. Those who have money
take for something like that, are not Wiccans, but charlatans. At
I would have to pay church tax, on the other hand, almost DM 200 a month, if
I was in a church (....)

I can't see anything cold about Wicca. I just see a lot there
more humanity and naturalness, much more love and warmth than
in Christianity. And that's because Wicca is much more honest and not one
fake love for everyone. I don't love everyone
but neither do I harm anyone. And if someone needs help
needs and I can give help, then I do that too - namely
without contemplating belief. I just got one
(Catholic) acquaintances from a rather unfortunate situation
helped, now we're best friends.

I would also like to cordially invite you to the gift of liberation from
to accept external compulsions from the mother goddess, the way of faith
to go with the assistance of all being of nature and mother earth
(nowadays one should rather say "mother world"), the mother
to worship all beings. She wants all people to develop freely
can as long as they do not harm others and to the knowledge of
Get the truth. (free interpretation by myself)

With pagan greetings,
Michael (Wicca sympathizer via email 12/18/98)

Date: Wed, 05 May 1999 20:26:59 +0200
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[email protected], [email protected]
Subject: The witches chatter
From: [email protected] (Valentin Walter)

"Hello stefan, your drooling was really shit, Ciaoi !!!
Are you a pastor? "

I want to clarify a few things.
1. In Wicca, God and Goddess are equated, so there is
a high priestess and a high priest. This applies to all of me
known traditions other than the Dianic as there is only one
High priestess there. This is why this tradition is sometimes referred to as
the "feminist movement" in Wicca.
2. Wicca is a religion that includes the teaching of magic, it
however, it is not at the heart of that belief. Magic is not
supernatural or secret power, but something that everyone can learn
can. Magic is the use of natural energies and elements around us,
to change reality and change in our life and environment
bring about. Magic comes from ourselves - the energy lies within
human potential and from the energy that is everything in the universe
connects. It is your primary power of creation and cannot
destroyed, only changed. Energy is the force you are in
Magic needed. Anyone using this energy for harmful purposes
abused is not Wicca, because the principle is: do what you do
want, as long as it does no harm. If you have any questions I would
happy to help clarify them. Sincerely, HazelStream
P.S .: I can be reached at [email protected] or
[email protected].de via email, 9.5.99

(...) I think the page is actually kept very factual. If
simply being upset about being criticized probably shows that
rather his own mental content. For some the church is only
Target point of criticism. If the other way round is criticized, one feels
that as a violation of the rules of the game.
Gerald Kluge (sect specialist)
Bischof-Benno-Haus, 02627 Schmochtitz, Tel./Fax: + 49-35935-23354
Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

From: "e12905"
Subject: =? Iso-8859-1? Q? Well = 2C_schade_f = FCr_Dich _....? =
Date: Sat, 15 May 1999 16:47:27 +0200

While browsing the internet by chance, I found your delightful words, and I have to say:
You damned Christians still haven't learned anything in all these centuries !!!
Not that I deny Christ, oh no, these poor people really existed ... but what you do in the name of your faith ... so that really excites you to really pull your pants down.
I ask you, priest:
Which belief came first?
Yours or mine ???
Well, of course I can understand ...
... As a man, you are more into men!
But then at least leave us women in peace and preach what Christ has also done! The right thing !!