What are the best alternatives for Omegle

Top 4 Omegle Alternatives: The Best Webcam Chats

The popular chat provider Omegle is no longer the only service of its kind. We show you 5 recommended Omegle alternatives if you feel like chatting with a completely unknown person again.

Bet you don't know all of these chat acronyms:

"Talk to Strangers". The motto of the Omegle platform says it all: you will be connected to a randomly selected person on the Internet and can then talk to them via video chat. A concept that is well received and has therefore found numerous imitators. We put 4 recommended Omegle alternatives that you should check out.


Tip:In general, you should of course be careful with all these platforms and the common sense to use. Especially when chatting with people you don't know at all, it is difficult to estimatehow the other will behave. If you are (involuntarily) confronted with bare skin, insults and other behavioral problems, you should Cancel chat immediately.

Chat random

Chatrandom is a German platform for video chats, on which you can usually find someone to talk to quickly. If you don't want to be connected completely randomly, you can use the various filter options and chat rooms, for example for singles, students or groups of up to 4 people.


As you can see from the ending, Videochat.de is also a German website. The webcam must be connected to chat, but there is also a text chat if you don't feel like face-to-face communication. If the interlocutor annoys you or behaves inappropriately, you can click him away and you will be connected directly.

It's unbelievable how these conversations derailed on WhatsApp:


Chatroulette is still relatively well known, even if the website has seen its prime a little longer. A small community still uses the portal, but the overwhelming majority of them are male. Because of the often offensive content, chat roulette is not exactly suitable for young people.


Chatki is a rather smaller platform on which you can find users from all over the world. If you don't want to connect a webcam, there is also a pure text chat, but it can sometimes be difficult to find a chat partner. If you find offensive content, you can block and report the person on the other side directly.

Second language network jargon: What do these chat abbreviations mean?

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