Which zodiac sign is the most sexual

Astro sex: what your zodiac sign reveals about your sex preferences

Which zodiac sign prefers sex in unusual places? What man would like to have it at least five times a day? Which zodiac sign would you like to have for a threesome? The answers to these questions are in the stars!

Because the zodiac sign of your loved one says a lot about his sexual preferences. And not only that: His quality as a lover, his erotic fantasies and his favorite sex positions are also closely related to his zodiac sign.

Read here how you can conquer him, what he is particularly into and how your sex can be even more exciting.

Capricorn: the seducer (22.12. - 20.01.)

The Capricorn man needs an object of desire that is not too easy to crack: after all, he can seduce like no other. While he appears more controlled and sober in everyday life, he is unrestrained in bed and gets down to business quickly.

If you don't want a pure sex affair, you should be careful with the Capricorn man. Because sex and love do not necessarily belong together for him. But if the chemistry is right in bed, it can turn into something serious - but only then.

Aquarius: The varied one (21.01. - 19.02.)

Aquarius needs variety. That's why routine is repulsive to him - and that goes for bed too. If you want to seduce him, you should therefore have different roles ready: Play the saint once and then act like a wildcat - that will get him going.

He likes to try something new and exciting every now and then during sex. Aquarius always loves passionately and intensely. Regardless of whether during the day or at night, in bed or in the car ... Warning: Don't clip too much - he needs his freedom!

Pisces: The Observer (02/20 - 03/20)

The Pisces man clearly states what he likes in bed. But he is more of an enthusiastic observer than a great seducer. If you don't take the first step, it can take a long time to get down to business. You have to make your wishes clear to him - but then he is quite skilled at executing them. And also persistent and eager to experiment!

Warning: the Pisces man is very moody. Yesterday he couldn't get enough of you, today he is very cold to you? Typical fish - that will pass.

Aries: The temperamental (21.03. - 20.04.)

Aries is a very manly man with a lot of temperament. And that's exactly how he behaves in bed: he gets to the point quickly. Foreplay? Waste of time! He prefers spontaneous sex. This is why Aries men don't tend to prepare a romantic number either. They prefer to use their charm to nibble you on the spot.

The Aries man takes what he wants. And he wants it, more often, faster and wilder than most of the others. He cannot imagine a life without sex. Warning: he always wants to set the tone!

Taurus: The connoisseur (April 21 - May 21)

The Taurus man likes it slow - but definitely powerful. He's a real connoisseur, that's why he prefers hours of sex. On the other hand, he doesn't really like quickies. The Taurus is very affectionate, but spontaneous changes of position and sexual experimentation are not his thing.

He's not a great seducer - he prefers it when women approach him and show clear interest. His type of woman: Sensual women with curves.

Gemini: Those who love to experiment (May 22nd - June 21st)

With Gemini, love is guaranteed never to be boring. He is fast and demanding - but still attaches great importance to imaginative foreplay. With this mixture he brings the woman to orgasm faster than anyone else.

Since the Gemini man loves variety, it doesn't always have to be the bed at home for him. He is also adventurous and eager to experiment when it comes to choosing his sex locations.

Cancer: The Romantic (June 22nd - July 22nd)

The Cancer man is a hopeless romantic who creeps sensitively into a woman's heart. Once he has conquered her, he won't let go of her anytime soon. Since he worships women as the source of life, he always sees sex as an act of procreation. Your satisfaction is almost more important to him than his own.

And cancer is extraordinarily persistent: True to the motto "Once sex is never sex", it likes it several times in a row. He really likes it when she takes the reins in hand.

Leo: The Dominant (23.07. - 23.08.)

Leo is a proud, dominant man who wants to be admired - even in bed. In order to conquer you, he will dig deep into his bag of tricks. After all, it is a predator that wants to hunt its prey. If you show yourself a little unyielding at first, it will make him all the wilder!

When it comes to sex, the Leo man is often very impetuous. Because of this, it can happen that he cannot wait a second longer and therefore nibbles you on the spot - be it in the elevator or on the restaurant toilet. But he also likes to do it in bed, preferably in the missionary position or from behind. In this way he can demonstrate his power and shows himself to be extraordinarily persistent.

Virgo: The Solid (08/24 - 09/23)

The Virgo man pays a lot of attention to personal hygiene: so if you are more into unshaven adventure types, then this is not the one for you. His figure is also important to him, but that doesn't mean he's vain. What turns him on when conquering: chastity. Because the virgin likes to tease out her sensuality.

Talking about sex - he doesn't particularly like that. That's why he seems a bit uptight. But when it comes down to it, you will notice that he at least likes to do it and then maybe whispers something dirty in your ear in the heat of the moment. Tip: The Virgo man is a good lover who you sometimes have to lure a little out of your reserve.

Libra: the esthete (24.09. - 23.10.)

Libra men are aesthetes. You don't necessarily have to look like a model for him to get involved with you. But he attaches great importance to the perfect drum environment: Dimmed lights, candlelight and exciting lingerie get him going.

He is devoted and passionate about sex. He knows how to rob her of her mind with very gentle touches. Caution: The Libra man is not averse to a threesome either.

Scorpio: The Maker (October 24th - November 22nd)

For the Scorpio man, sex is the most important thing in the world, he just can't get enough of it. He is always there with full commitment and very passionate. That's why he likes to try new things: anal sex or a position from the Kama Sutra? Do not be surprised if Scorpio keeps coming up with new suggestions.

You are also welcome to let him do it and be more passive. He knows how to touch a woman!

Sagittarius: The Daredevil (23.11. - 21.12.)

The Sagittarius man is a daredevil. That's why he likes to have to pull out all the stops in your conquest. Put a few stones in his way - and he will only want you more.

He is carefree during sex and can always and anywhere. Still, sex with Sagittarius never gets boring - not even after years! Warning: he loves women! That's why it's not easy to tie him to one.

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