DigiTeX Futures is a good investment

DGTX is ready to shake up cryptocurrency trading

With the birth of Bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrency has grown and gone like crazy. With over 5,000 different types of cryptocurrencies to choose from, it is difficult to find one of each other and figure out which will make the best investment for the project you are working on.

Enter Digitex Futures and CEO Adam Todd. Digitex is a fee-free Bitcoin futures exchange. Todd will turn the world of cryptocurrency upside down with his native token DGTX and believes that there must be a utility in order for the cryptocurrency to continue. Digitex Futures has a trading model that is different from all others: all trading is commission-free.

Digitex Futures is the only exchange on the market that does this

Adam Todd: “Our main differentiator is that, unlike any other exchange on the market, we don't charge a single fee for a trade. We can maintain this through the use of our DGTX token, which traders must purchase in order to participate in liquid, commission-free markets. We enable traders to execute high frequency trading strategies like scalping that were previously impossible. "

Currently, merchants have a fee of around 0.075 percent per transaction. A user who uses 100x pays 7.5% fees. This is a pretty big part of the change that breaks into the profit made on a winning trade. “As more traders learn that they can place trades over and over again and even scratch them for free, more will pour into the platform, bringing more and more liquidity into the collective pool. We don't take it in the form of commissions, ”explained Todd.

How is zero-fee trading sustainable?

The ability to sustain zero-fee trading comes into play with the DGTX token. Every transaction, account balance, margin, trading profit and loss are all denominated in DGTX. This means that the tokens are always in demand. The exchange occasionally sells tokens from its Treasury Department to cover costs instead of charging transaction fees. To date, DGTX was valued at $ 85 million and had gone through over 34,938 wallets.

Todd exclaims, "It's a revolutionary new revenue model for an exchange that dramatically increases a trader's chances of winning, and traders are discovering this in droves." Plus, it's currently the only vehicle that allows traders to do short-term trades in liquid futures without paying any fees. "I spent a few years as a pit trader in London scalping German government bond futures and I know firsthand how crippling transaction fees can be, even if they seem very small," explains Todd. "That incessant, insidious edge of trading fees always works against you."

Real-world utility

Owning DGTX tokens can make a trader's results even better than before as there are no fees paid out. "That's a real benefit right there, and that's why our traded volumes are breaking new records every day and the price of DGTX has increased by around 85 percent in anticipation of launch," added Todd. “Since we opened the doors for exchanges,” he says, “there has been a clear correlation between the number of traders we have on board and the price of the DGTX token. And that makes perfect sense because if the demand for the token increases from new traders, the price naturally increases with that demand. "

“People will be overwhelmed by what we're building, and I expect DGTX to be catapulted through the rankings onto CoinMarketCap to make us one of the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market cap this year. My job now is to generate as much demand as possible for the DGTX token. You will soon see how seriously I took my mission, ”concludes Todd.

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