What are PyCharm and wxPython

I recently started using the Pycharm editor to write the Python code. After installing the WXPython GUI library, I noticed that there is no code prompt, it's very uncomfortable. . .
After a couple of times I found it or need to configure it because I've been looking for a long time so I'm recording it, I hope I hope I can help the beat (other third party library configuration is similar too).

If you want Pycharm to automatically generate the code, you need to link the key file to the /Library/python/2.7/site-packages directory and other directories are invalid. If the directory structure changes, Pycharm may not change immediately and can take effect by changing the project dolters.


Link CV.Py, CV2.SO to the directory /Library/python/2.7/Site-packages

Here is the installation location of your OpenCV, and the above is for reference only. . .
If there is no cv.py file you can create one, there is only one line of code for:


Connect all files and folders of the site packages directory after WXPython at /library/python/2.7/site-packages

Here is the correct WXPython installation location, which is for reference only. . .