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The 7 best GPS trackers for dogs

A loud noise or wild animal awakens unexpected powers in dogs - and can lead to the beloved pet being pulled off the leash. A GPS tracker is therefore particularly useful for excursions in unfamiliar surroundings to use the Quickly locate outliers and find them again to be able to.

But first of all: that perfect tracker system for dogsthat works 100% error-free, we have so far not yet discovered. Criticisms especially with inferior models: they are not robust enough, can be stripped off too easily or the location does not work seamlessly.

We have summarized everything you should know about dog GPS trackers here.

tip: Here is an overview of which Dog toy Love four-legged friends and what is important when choosing.

GPS tracker checklist for dogs

  • Dog tracker transmit the dog's location live to the smartphone or an online portal.
  • costs: The devices themselves are usually not a major cost item. Depending on the provider and model, however Subscription fees due, which depends on the scope of the functions. Also Models without a subscription are available, they are ideal for short-term use on vacation - the devices themselves are usually a bit more expensive in proportion. A SIM card but is also required here or is usually provided by the provider.
  • Place of use: Before buying, it should be clarified which countries are supported by the provider - this is especially important before vacation trips.
  • Just waterproof tracker are suitable for everyday use. You can never guess where a runaway four-legged friend is going.
  • The Battery life varies depending on the manufacturer and version, but should take at least a few days. The best tracker is of little use if it gives up at the crucial moment or the battery runs out.
  • Weight and height: The tracker is allowed to go straight not too heavy and big for small dogs be. For lightweights, devices are suitable that not much more than 30 grams to weigh. The right size is also particularly important: there are different models depending on the size of the dog. If the tracker is too big, there is a high risk that it will be on the way stripped from the dog becomes.
  • Among the most famous GPS tracker providers for pets, there are Tractive (with subscription) and Weenect (with subscription) or Simmotrade (without subscription). But even these brands are not always 100% perfect, depending on the model, according to various experience reports. Ultimately, the optimal product must be tailored as precisely as possible to the place of use (reception?) And the size of the dog.

tip: The compact overview for GPS tracker from Tractive can be found here.

The best-selling GPS tracker for dogs

What products do parents recommend?
The following selection takes into account the 5 quality criteria of the Dads-Proofed seal: experience reports, reviews, number of purchases, test marks & seal of approval.

Attention when choosing oneGPS trackers: If you want to use this on vacation, you should clarify before buyingwhich countries are supported by the providerbecome. And: The tracker should absolutely be waterproof and have sufficient battery life. "

Karin Bornett
Dog owner and specialist editor for dog accessories

Dog GPS tracker with subscription

Tractive GPS tracker for dogs (2021). Recommended by Martin Rütter. Always know where your dog is. GPS -...
  • LIVE TRACKING & POSITION HISTORY - Follow your four-legged friend with the dog tracker in real time via your smartphone and see where he was everywhere
  • VIRTUAL FENCE - Define a safe area (e.g. the garden) and be notified when your dog leaves this area - and when he returns safely ...
  • ACTIVITY TRACKING - Track your dog's activity throughout the day and learn how active he is, how much he sleeps and how many calories he ...
  • WORLDWIDE LOCATION - Use the dog GPS tracker in over 150 countries worldwide. Manage all functions via the free Tractive GPS app for iOS and Android or in ...
  • SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED - All costs are covered by a subscription - various subscription options (monthly, 1, 2 or 5 years) are possible, price from 4.17 € / month (when paying for ...
Prothelis Greta dog GPS tracker mini tracking device with app 32g slightly waterproof | Tracking GPS for ...
  • From € 3.79 / month for access to the Prothelis app: No self-renewing subscription. No cost traps. SIM card is integrated in the tracker. All app functions ...
  • GRETA is Made and Designed in Germany: extra small and light, designed so as not to disturb your dog. The mini GPS tracker is a flyweight at 32 grams and can be ...
  • GRETA notifies you when your dog leaves its designated area for exercise: the dog tracker is like an invisible dog fence. For any number of areas, according to schedule ...
  • Does your dog like to swim? Great, GRETA too: For reliable GPS dog tracking, the dog tracker is ultrasonically welded and therefore waterproof up to 10 meters. Also before ...
  • Our GRETA is also suitable for long walks: the battery lasts up to 5 days with active GPS dog tracking - depending on the tracking interval set. Fast and...
Tractive GPS Tracker XL for dogs - tracker with 6 weeks battery, unlimited range
  • Subscription required - from € 4.17 / month. After you have received your Tractive GPS dog tracker, you have to select a subscription variant on the Tractive website. The SIM card is ...
  • LIVE TRACKING & Position History - Follow your dog's adventures in real time. Call up the current position of your four-legged friend whenever necessary and see ...
  • VIRTUAL FENCE- Define a safe area and receive a notification when your pet leaves
  • WORLDWIDE LOCATION - Use your Tractive GPS device in over 150 countries. All functions can be accessed via the free Tractive GPS app for iOS and Android or in any ...
  • WATERPROOF FOR EVERY ADVENTURE - The tracking device for dogs is very robust and 100% waterproof, ideal for even the most adventurous dogs
Weenect Dogs 2: The world's smallest GPS tracker for dogs
  • WITHOUT DISTANCE LIMIT: The GPS tracker works without a distance limit. You can track your dog on your mobile phone (iPhone or Android), no matter where he is in Europe.
  • GPS TRACKING IN REAL TIME: The GPS tracker constantly sends its position: up to one position every ten seconds. The location is unlimited.
  • EDUCATION: Let your dog's tracker ring each time you feed. The dog associates the two events with each other. One ring is enough to get him home ...
  • BATTERY: The battery lasts up to 3 days with daily use - depending on how much time is spent in motion, how strong the GPS signal is and the quality of the 2G network ...
  • SUBSCRIPTION: The GPS tracker includes a SIM card that is included in the scope of delivery. This is why a subscription is required to cover the cost of the service - starting at 3.75 per ...
KIPPY - EVO - The new GPS and activity monitor for dogs and cats, 38 gr, waterproof, battery 10 ...
  • KIPPY EVO is the NEW Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor for pets: durable and 100% waterproof, suitable for all collars. Today it is even lighter (only 38 grams) and ...
  • GPS LOCALIZATION: Kippy EVO locates your pet using the GPS, GMS, WiFi and Bluetooth systems. Thanks to the integrated GPS and GMS technologies, you can see every movement ...
  • ACTIVITY TRACKING: Thanks to Kippy EVO, you can view and analyze the summary of all your friend's motor activities. You can see the progress of ...
  • VITA NEWS: Find out about the state of health of your four-legged friend in order to get to know him better and to find out how he is at every point of the ...
  • Kippy EVO is the perfect companion for your pet adventures! LIVE TRACKING: Watch your pet's movements in real time. REGISTER WALKS: ...

Dog GPS tracker without subscription

Simmotrade® SMT_911_OS, GPS tracker for dogs without a subscription, they need a SIM card.
  • German GPS Tracker Shop, German operating instructions and service. If you wish, you can set up your tracker remote for you.
  • App and web portal free of charge, no monthly fixed costs, you need a Micro GPRS / GSM SIM card
  • High quality 500 mAh Li-Ion battery with efficient energy management
  • LED for status display, waterproof according to IP66, emergency call function
  • We do not subsidize our tracker prices through long and expensive subscription contracts, please compare them.
Winnes GPS Tracker Car GPS Tracker with Strong Magnet 3 Months Sleep in Real Time GPS / GPRS / GSM Tracker ...
  • ✔ GPS tracker, easy to use --- Lithium-ion battery 5000 mAh, 90 days standby GPS tracker, design of strong magnets, no installation necessary, waterproof in daily ...
  • ✔ Position accuracy: multi-positioning from GPS / A-GPS / LBS, positioning accuracy up to 5 meters.
  • ✔ Simple and easy to use: you can explore the location of the device via SMS, APP, the web platform.
  • ✔ Full functions: real-time location, historical route, electronic fence, vibration alarm, speed alarm.
  • ✔ Widespread --- The location has lost children, the elderly, and cars, motorcycles, container trucks.

Best seller: GPS tracker dog

We have the most popular GPS trackers for dogs prepared for you in a bestseller list (the selection is updated daily).

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1Tractive GPS tracker for dogs (2021). Recommended by Martin Rütter. Always know where your dog is ... Currently no reviews49.99 EURGet it here
2Simmotrade® SMT_911_OS, GPS tracker for dogs without a subscription, they need a SIM card. Currently no reviews62.90 EURGet it here
3KIPPY - EVO - The new GPS and activity monitor for dogs and cats, 38 gr, waterproof, battery ... 430 reviews49.99 EURGet it here
4Peaches Stores Pet GPS Tracker, Smart Dog Cat Collar, Activity Monitor for ... Currently no reviews23.49 EURGet it here
5Prothelis Greta dog GPS tracker mini tracking device with app 32g slightly waterproof | Tracking GPS ... Currently no reviews79.00 EUR47.40 EURGet it here
6Zeerkeer Mini GPS Locator Real Time Small Pet GPS Tracker TK911 for Dogs Cat Tracking ... Currently no reviews49.99 EURGet it here
7Pawfit 2 dog GPS tracker & activity monitor with built-in SIM card, GPS tracking device for ... Currently no reviews54.99 EURGet it here
8GPS Tracker Collar Dogs for Hunting Dog Cow Sheep 3000mAh IP66 Waterproof Farm Pet Tracker ... Currently no reviews58.99 EURGet it here
9Weenect Dogs 2: The world's smallest GPS tracker for dogs Currently no reviews49.99 EURGet it here
10Vodafone Curve Smart GPS tracker with integrated smart SIM, lightweight tracker for bags, ... Currently no reviews39.90 EURGet it here
11Pet tracker, Vogvigo real-time tracking collar device, location tracker with unlimited ... Currently no reviews62.00 EURGet it here
12Key finder, wireless key finder with bluetooth APP for pet tracker, wallet tracker, ... Currently no reviewsEUR 21.99Get it here
13XUANWEI Pet GPS Tracker Dog Cat Collar Waterproof GPS Callback Function ... Currently no reviews25.99 EURGet it here
14Mini GPS tracker for the car | Tracking transmitter to protect valuables from theft | GPS transmitter ... Currently no reviews39.90 EUR 34.90 EURGet it here
15Winnes Mini GPS Tracker, Magnet Micro GPS Positioning Anti Theft Real Time GPS Locator for Handbag ... Currently no reviews49.99 EURGet it here

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